September 28, 2012

fall has crept in

i'm not fully prepared to pack summer away entirely, but fall has crept in little by little at home.
i guess it's not too bad. i DO love the color orange

happy weekend.

September 26, 2012

promise broken to my 2nd grade self

when i was in the 2nd grade, i read a book called "the man who didn't wash his dishes." after reading it, i told myself i would never ever be like him - using every dish, utensil, pots and pans until he had no more. and to make matters worse, waiting for a rainy day to load up his truck with all his dirty dishes so that nature could do its thing.

no sirree.
i wasn't going to be like him.


yet here it is 26 years later and i have used every single utensil, pans and dish until i have none to use to procrastinate. today i became the women who didn't wash her dishes. some days, washing dishes can be a real pain in the behind.

(From Amazon)

September 24, 2012

i bought toothpaste for 27 cents

and glade candle & oil diffuser for .99 each
tabasco sauce for .67 

cookie dough for $1

extreme couponing does work

September 22, 2012

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did.

happy saturday,

September 21, 2012

i'm not superstitious.. i just thought i'd really win the lottery

note: you may not want to read this while eating. 

if you grew up in a korean household, you may know what i'm talking about.

my mom used to say that dreaming of (ahem) doo doo will bring you good fortune. good fortune in the form of money. the more doo doo, the more $$$. i, of course, never believed her... until a few days ago...

about two weeks ago i had a dream. it took me a while to remember but when i did it was like a zillion christmas lights had gone on.

in my dream i was walking piri. at one point he trailed off by himself and when i found him at the end of the leash, he was lying down, puppy face and all. i went to tug at his collar but then found that right by his furry behind was..  yep you guessed it. doggy doo doo. and by golly it wasn't just doo doo.. it was a HEAP of doo doo. yangkyu tried to pick it up with a teeny plastic bag and i said "what are you doing? you can't pick that up with that!"

and then i woke up.

after hearing my dream, yangkyu was convinced. we needed to buy lottery tickets. but since i couldn't go out and buy one, he bought my dream for a measly buck (i think this is another korean household thing - i'm not familiar with it) and bought a lottery ticket.

and then it happened. we didn't win.

but a couple of days later, piri started showing signs of limping and his paw started to swell and bleed. what followed was numerous trips to the vet, x-rays, medications and surgery, which finally revealed what was causing all this trouble (he had something that looked like grass awns stuck inside his paw). he's now recovering and we're all waiting for october 3 when his stitches will be taken out.

so no winning lottery. instead we got slapped with a bunch of expensive vet bills.

over dinner the other night, i said to yangkyu, "maybe the dream didn't mean we were going to win the lottery. maybe it was piri trying to give us a heads up that we would be spending a lot of money on him."

well, winning numbers or no winning numbers, we're just glad that piri is ok.

September 18, 2012

waiting for the storm to pass...

but as of 10:16 pm, there is no storm. thank god.

nonetheless, we all spent a quiet evening at home. yangkyu recharging after a tough day at work, piri still recovering from his surgery and as for me... well, i picked up where our blog died was left off two years ago and decided today was going to be the day i begin writing again. so for most of the day i spent shutting down my other blogs, cleaned up (ok not really) the ones i will continue to use and went bonkers setting up a new blog on a new platform i've never used before.

so why start this up again?

for one, i thought i'd start writing again. ever since i started taking pictures i feel like i write less. and well, sounds ironic, but because i want to continue to take pictures. why not kill two birds with one stone by writing and taking pictures of your life? (cue in the dying fanfare music).

so here it goes again. our life on the (big) computer screen. huzzah!

beau soir: 
1. candlelights lit inside mason jars
2. baked kkaechal (sesame glutinous) bread
3. piri's very own name banner above his bowls

good night.

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