September 18, 2012

waiting for the storm to pass...

but as of 10:16 pm, there is no storm. thank god.

nonetheless, we all spent a quiet evening at home. yangkyu recharging after a tough day at work, piri still recovering from his surgery and as for me... well, i picked up where our blog died was left off two years ago and decided today was going to be the day i begin writing again. so for most of the day i spent shutting down my other blogs, cleaned up (ok not really) the ones i will continue to use and went bonkers setting up a new blog on a new platform i've never used before.

so why start this up again?

for one, i thought i'd start writing again. ever since i started taking pictures i feel like i write less. and well, sounds ironic, but because i want to continue to take pictures. why not kill two birds with one stone by writing and taking pictures of your life? (cue in the dying fanfare music).

so here it goes again. our life on the (big) computer screen. huzzah!

beau soir: 
1. candlelights lit inside mason jars
2. baked kkaechal (sesame glutinous) bread
3. piri's very own name banner above his bowls

good night.

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