October 22, 2012

oh boy.. it's monday

over the weekend, we: 

1. caught up with lots and LOTS of sleep
2. got our hair/fur done 
3. went korean grocery shopping for the first time in a long time & made our favorite side dishes!
4. broke out our portable butane gas stove (reserved for black outs) and had a go-gi party
5. went to THE CUTEST little restaurant in annandale - red holic - and had my favorites, dumplings & kimbob
6. then went home and overdosed on salmon sushi
7. watched way too many episodes of house hunters on hgtv
8. decided to make a box full of wishful wants for our own dream home (some day.. some day!)
9. went trench coat hunting for me (no luck.. sigh)
10. made a promise to get back to our normal sleeping pattern come monday 

it's monday, so we: 

1. broke our promise in getting back to our normal sleeping pattern
2. but still had breakfast together and shared orange juice
3. are already waiting for the weekend 
4. really promised ourselves to make that day trip to philadelphia before the month is out 
5. clicked our heels and wished three times that this will be a fantabulous week

well, we actually know it will be :)
happy monday everyone!


  1. Have to say - slightly jealous of all the sleep! :)
    THat's so cute that you all got your hair/fur done.
    I do hope you have a fantabulous week!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thank you! Piri wasn't too thrilled at first, but I think with the reassurance that he still has his cute on he's cool with it. :) Hope you have a fantabulous week as well!


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