December 30, 2012

memorable moments of 2012: #1 - our anniversary

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--our 3-year wedding anniversary--

this is it. the last memorable moment of 2012, and it's our 3-year wedding anniversary.

originally we had planned on going back to hawaii (we had gone for our honeymoon), but planning didn't go as we had thought so we decided to go to spend it in and around virginia visiting landmarks. but, of course the day of our anniversary i ended up getting really sick and i couldn't stay outside for a long time. i remember yangkyu taking me on an ice cream date to make me feel better and i didn't remember much after that. i asked him when we were working on this 10 memorable list together, "what did we do for our anniversary?" he explained: 

"you were sick, so i took you to ben & jerry's to get your favorite ice cream. then we sat outside in the nice weather, watching neighborhood kids play in the fountain water. after you finished your ice cream, you threw a class a temper tantrum and said you wanted bonchon chicken. so we ordered take out and spent the night playing dr. mario where you beat me 10 games straight."

i started laughing because as soon as he said class a tantrum i remembered what had happened. 

we didn't get to go anywhere fancy or nice for our anniversary,and instead we spent it at home, with piri, with yummy marinated chicken and good ole video games. it was the best anniversary yet. 

wishing everyone a happy new year! 



  1. you made such a beautiful bride!!
    i don't know if i told you this already but i'm from hawaii :)
    i can't wait to go back!

    and happy anniversary :)

    1. thank you! yes, you did mention! i need to get the low-down on hawaii from you one day. we seriously wanted to move there at one point. thought it would be such a diverse place for our future kids to grow up in. would love for them to have that kind of exposure. ^__^

  2. I love seeing people's wedding pictures :)
    Happy 3 year anniversary!!

  3. that photo is beautiful! And congrat son 3 years! I love doig little things - even if not going to Hawaai, traveling around to do something memorable on the anniversary is great. We just went on a day trip to Baltimore ourselves

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Yeah - I found that doing the little things for anniversaries are super sweet and meaningful. We'll go back to Hawaii one of these days, but for this year, perhaps visiting landmarks in VA since we didn't get to last year :)

  4. Aw, how uber sweet! Beautiful wedding photos! You were both glowing with happiness!

  5. Awww, so sweet! My husband and I also got married in Maui! That's where we had our honeymoon too. Your dress is beautiful, and we have spent quite a few anniversaries at home as well- nothing big. Sometimes it's nice having a quiet celebration in private at home. =) -Jessica

    1. Oh my! We absolutely loved Maui and ventured in to where the locals lived and visited local children's bookstores and such. It was great! We hope to go back one of these days but want to see the other islands as well. But private celebrations at home are also pleasant!


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