December 29, 2012

memorable moments of 2012: #2 - piri recovers!

10 most memorable moments for the yoo family in 2012
--piri recovers from surgery--

back in september, piri started showing signs of limping and couldn't walk on his left front paw. multiple trips to the vet couldn't determine what was wrong - x-rays turned out nothing and antibiotics weren't working. that was when our vet decided to have surgery and explore his paw from the inside. what turned out were several pieces of odd plant/grass awns implanted in piri's paw. we still don't know how those got there, but we were so happy that piri recovered from his surgery. 

because he's an older dog, we had our worries about him going under anesthesia, but our vet was reassuring and did such a fantastic job of making sure our little guy pulled through. piri recovered post-surgery, which meant being on all sorts of medication and going for check-ups and bandage changes every other day for the first week, and once a week until his sutures came off.

since his surgery, he's been running and trotting and being up to all sorts of shenanigans again. we're just so happy that he made it through. his last surgery (when he was neutered) didn't go so well so this was a huge huge relief. we love this little guy and we hope that he'll continue to be healthy.



  1. Oh wow~ I wonder how that could have happened >,,<
    Then again, I once felt like I had a piece of glass or a splinter on the bottom of my foot & it turned out to be a long piece of hair that was stuck under my skin. So disturbing- I even had to get it removed at my doctors office T,,T

    Anyhow, I'm so glad he's okay & that the surgery went well. It's all about fully recovering now ^,,^


    1. Ouch! So sorry you had to go through that! I'm glad you found out what it was and had it taken out!

  2. Aw, poor baby, glad he recovered! Tough pup!! Hehe.

    1. Yeah, the vet told us that he hung in there! good little boy :)


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