March 26, 2013

pick a random number. 29. and make a list of you and me.

1. their birthdays are exactly 6 months apart
2. and she is older
3. she pushes toothpaste out from the bottom 
4. he likes to make a big dent right smack in the middle
5. she doesn't like the way he folds his t-shirts 
6. he wishes he didn't have to fold his t-shirts at all 
7. she is patiently growing her hair long again 
8. but he likes her hair short
9. she likes it when he makes her laugh with his silly jokes
10. and he is amused how much she still enjoys them
11. from time to time, she gets to pick out the menu for the both of them
12. he lets her do that just so he can see her go giddy happy
13. she loves raw broccoli 
14. he believes they should be cooked
15. she's a plain slice kinda gal
16. he's an everything toppings kinda dude
17. she likes hugs
18. he likes hugs too 
19. and they both dig kisses
20. and cuddles with piri 
21. she doesn't think she's a good cook
22. but he thinks everything she makes is the best he's ever had
23. she thinks his stomach must be made of steel
24. he thinks so too 
25. she loved cinema paradiso 
26. it's his favorite movie 
27. ice cream dates are a favorite
28. rocky road for her 
29. always a different flavor for him  



  1. You two are so cute & you can see how happy you are! I love it! It's so motivating to look at the sweet lil moments of a relationship and cherish it!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Cute..cute. Everytime i read posts you write about you and your husband, i can almost feel the love both of you have for each other. You two are made for each other. Reading a story like this warms my heart.

    Your husband must be a rare type of guy that likes women with short hair.

    1. Thank you! And yes! I am always so amazed at how much he prefers short hair than long :)

  3. You two are too cute! What a fun and short way to reconnect with your spouse!

  4. This is the sweetest list that I've ever seen :)
    My hubby pushes toothpaste out from the bottom and I don't.
    That drives me crazy sometimes :p

  5. lovely blog.

  6. You guys make such a sweet and loving couple.

  7. Awwww. This is so seriously cute. I think my boyfriend and I would get along great with you two.

    7% Solution​

  8. Oh love this! I need to do this now! What a great idea! If I did do it, I would link up! Thank you Jane. And I love rocky road ice cream and am a few years older than my husband. -Jess

    1. can't wait to see your list!! oh and love the similarities! :)

  9. Aw, this is a sweet post :)

  10. My husband likes my hair short! And I always try and grow it. And we are born exactly 1 hour apart :D

    1. yay for short hair! :) that is wild!! i remember reading that you and your husband were born an hour apart!

  11. This is a beautiful list of your love.

  12. This is so sweet--writing the list must have been fun. :)

    1. Yes! I love lists and things! :)

  13. You two have such good energy! Seriously, every time I visit your blog my mood improves and I smile.

    1. aww thank you thank you! i'm so glad to hear!

  14. This is the sweetest list!

  15. How adorable is this list?! Such a great idea! I just read the 2nd part which led me back to this first list. ;) -Jess L


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