May 27, 2013

howlin at wolf trap: a prairie home companion

one of our favorite things to do during the weekend is to 
and so when the show was coming to wolf trap, we bought the tickets 
as soon as they went on sale.
we went on friday night and it was coooold! brrr. hello? where did spring go? 
despite our feet and hands going numb, we had such a great time.
heather masse has a lovely voice, the milk carton kids are a delight, howard levy was amazing and as always, garrison keillor was oh so humorous.
friday night wasn't broadcasted, but you can hear the recording of the live saturday show here

we loved singing along to you are my sunshine and home on the range. the ladies who sat behind us had the most loveliest of voices. 

thanks for a wonderful night wolf trap & a prairie home companion!

want to sing along too? 


  1. Oh wow I went to Wolf Trap a long time ago when I was around 7, my Mom was on tour there with the opera.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. You are my sunshine... My only sunshine... And I'm singing along with the video you attached. It seemed like something I'd enjoy, the last I remembered I went was nothing like that, but a play of Phantom of the Opera that was majestically beautiful and amazing.

    1. i love singing along to you are my sunshine :)

  3. Even though it was cold, it sounds like you really enjoyed it! I wish I went to more concerts!

  4. Their performance is heartwarming. The audience participation is so touching. I like the spirit in concerts. This song brings a lot of great memories. It seems you had a great time despite the cold weather.

  5. I've never heard of this but you paint a beautiful picture and the music is lovely. What a great night!

  6. I've always wanted to visit Wolf Trap!

    1. it was our first time too! we want to go again for the sound of music sing along! :)


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