June 12, 2013

now playing: sometimes my playlist is stuck in the nineties

i remember recording some of these songs on cassette tape while listening to the radio. 
my first cd was phish's hoist. my brother picked it up for me as a gift.
i remember i had wanted to go to my first concert - gin blossoms who were playing at a local community college but my mom said no. 
i remember wearing my skater jeans and graphic tee to college in 1997 with green streaks in my hair and people thought i was a little kid visiting her older sister in college. ouch.

nonetheless, these songs remind me so much of when i really loved music. 

01 // 2000 light years away - green day
02 // 1979 - smashing pumpkins
03 // feed the tree - belly
04 // cannonball - the breeders
05 // fake plastic trees - radiohead
06 // santa monica - everclear
07 // down with disease - phish
08 // buddy holly - weezer


  1. Oooooooooooh!! This post brings back my own memories of the 1990s. I LOVED radiohead then and went to my first and only concert ever - Duran Duran.

    1. radiohead was awesome and omg! duran duran! loved them too!

  2. I'm listening to this! Love, love, love 90's!! <3

  3. Wow, some of these songs bring back such youthful memories...Oh, to be young without the complications of age and immense responsibility! I still love music and make playlists whenever I can sneak the time. Thanks for the memories! -Jess L

    1. i often walk down memory lane listening to nineties music! :)

  4. Belly - I haven't listened to that in a while. These songs remind me of going downtown on Wednesday nights. :)

  5. I love this playlist. Brings back college memories especially Gin Blossoms :) Fake Plastic Trees reminds me of the film Clueless. Thank you :) I'll be playing your list a lot today this weekend.

  6. listening to buddy holly makes a good day, great! <3

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