August 30, 2013

have a great weekend + links

can you believe it's already the weekend? and it's labor day weekend at that! yangkyu took the entire week off next week so piri and I are stoked to have him with us for 9 full days. we were supposed to go to miami next week but after i quit my job back in july, things shifted a little and so we're doing a little staycation {which i haven't planned yet.. oy!}

do you have anything special planned? whatever it is, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

ps - i also decluttered our entire home this week {it felt *so* good} and have loads of stuff to donate and sell at a used bookstore over the weekend. yay. hope they make their way to new homes soon. 

also enjoy... 

 // brilliant advice from calvin & hobbs comic strip artist bill watterson. so good.

 // squeeze in a last minute summer pie

 // i love this facebook page

 // wabi-sabi & hyggelig all the way. 20 awesomely untranslatable words

 // snacks of japan from the wonderful folks over at the cat, you and us

 // beautiful fall lookbook from one of my favorites.

 // which harry potter character does jk rowling miss the most? 

 // on repeat

 // possibly an all time youtube favorite. dog barks softer and softer and softer... 

 // six amazing pictures from the 1963 march on washington 



  1. #Oh my that face book page is crazy!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. Snacks of Japan! We will actually be brining an empty suitcase with us to Tokyo just so we can bring back maximum snacks. I am not even kidding. Speaking of that Facebook page, did you know they reissued Garbage Pail Kids cards? Everything old is new again, I guess.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. YAY!! Yangkyu oppa took a whole week off??!??!? Sweet!!
    Alex took a month off to help me with Audrey and he is going back to work starting next week!
    My dad went back to Korea and Alex is going back to work starting next week!!
    I'm scared but I'm glad that my mom is staying with us!!!!
    You and Yangkyu oppa can visit me and Audrey if you guys are free next week :)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Do you not just LOVE Zen Pencils? And the State Fair of Texas is about to start. I'm debating whether or not to go this year...

  5. Have a wonderful long weekend & staycation! I also recently declutttered. Its the best feeling when you're done :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Enjoy your weekend + next week with your lives, Jane!!!! I can't believe August has come to an end and its September!! The days are flying!

  7. Congrats on the de-cluttering:) I need to do that too. And nothing special planned for the weekend. Just the usual, and getting the kids ready for school.
    Happy long weekend!

  8. That summer pie recipe - yum! Hope you have a great long weekend. We don't have too much planned on our end. Just relaxing with friends! xx Kat
    Love and Ace

  9. enjoy your long weekend together! 9 full days sounds like a dream :)

  10. enjoy the weekend! Loving that lookbook also.

    -Alecia with

  11. i decluttered my entire kitchen yesterday and it felt soo good!
    hope you have a wonderful long weekend! <3

  12. Does it make me weird to say that I really do not like the weekends? The weekdays, oddly enough, are much more eventful for me! This was a great post. Love the picture :)

    Have a good one! <3

  13. Oh that untranslateable words page is awesome, I'm always interested in those things. Yet I feel there are some really vital ones missing. That's probably got to do with me being Dutch but hey!

    The cat, you and us's video is so good. I love their blog.

    Happy weekend!!

  14. cute dog!

  15. Love the links. The comic was so touching and honest.

    fashion and tea

  16. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  17. wonderful links, thank you for sharing!

  18. I love a great de-cluttering session too. Have a wonderful week ahead, Jane!

  19. Have a great really long weekend. Will now be visiting the links.

  20. Wish you two were our neighbors and not these other people who might have dead bodies buried in their backyard. Whoah, did I just say that? Hope you're enjoying the holiday! And Martin Luther King- what a great man with a great vision.....-Jess L


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