August 23, 2013

have a sunny weekend + links

i bought these sunflowers at the beginning of the week in hopes that it would be just as cheery, fun and happy. it ended being just that. i should buy sunflowers more often!

hope you have a sunny weekend. 

also enjoy: 

 // wife tells husband "nacho" joke and it's the sweetest thing ever.

 // i'm in love with this retro look for the fuji instax camera.

 // i am definitely an introvert. are you? find out here

 // epic cake.

 // how and why to use whom in a sentence. 

 // even bears like doing the gangnam style.

 // running of the... corgi pups? i think my heart just burst into a million pieces. so cute.

 // itay talgam on ted talks: lead like the great conductors. this is brillant.

 // these scarves get the limelight. and we get great ways to tie them. 

 // cute sunnyside up dress. i would wear it with loafers. 



  1. The nacho joke - love it! Love your pic, too, it's perfect!

  2. Have a great weekend, Jane:)
    PS I really love that Fujifilm camera!

  3. The nacho joke was adorbs! And now I finally want an instead camera (the other ones seemed too bulky!) Hve a great weekend <3

  4. That sunny side up dress is so cute! And I don't know why there keep coming such cool fuji instax designs... I still got my white 7s which works wonderful but I get this urge in wanting all the other designs (but I am penniless so it doesn't work)

    Have a great weekend, the sunflowers are gorgeous!

  5. Sunflowers hold the sunny smile of the sun! That's just how I like to think~

  6. Those sunflowers are like a little spot of sunshine in the house!

    I'd love to get my husband to wear a bow tie too ;)

    Happy weekend Jane!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Whoa. I think one bite of that cake would send me on a sugar high for 3 months. Yikes. And I love having fresh flowers in the house. They really do brighten things up. And that instax camera is boss.

  8. I love sunflowers - don't they just brighten up the room?! And i want that fuji instax camera! Really great links - have a great weekend and p.s. your dog is seriously the cutest thing!!!


  9. I adore sunflowers. They're probably my favorite flower. Also, that nacho joke was really freakin' cute. I can't even handle it. And holy crap, those corgis. I have no words.

    May the Force be with you.

  10. Wow good job keep this alive. I bought one once and it died in one day. And gerber daisies I can not for the life of me keep them blooming or even alive. I tried everything, once I put one in a patch of direct sunlight (in my apt) went to work, came home and it was DEAD as a doornail! I mean completely dead like it had been dead for week. I gave up after that. Maybe they need to be planted and can only be out doors. Or maybe I just have a black thumb :O

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  11. The sunflowers are beautiful!!! I love seeing sunflower fields when I drive by the country side.

    And that yellow dress - super cute!

  12. I love sunflowers, I love loafers, I love cake.

  13. Oh my goodness I want to go out and buy sunflowers right now!
    I'm glad your weekend was fabulous :)
    Jenna x

  14. forgot ow beautiful sunflowers are, better grab me some before summer is over! And that nacho joke animation was tooo cute!

  15. i'm a total introvert. hope your w/e was relaxing! give your pup a smooch for me :)

  16. You're talking to a complete introvert here, too. I lose my energy when I am with a group of people. In the back of my head I'm thinking, "When can I go home and take a nap?" I love hanging with friends and all, but it does drain me.

    Sunfllowers are gorgeous and they really do bloom for much longer than you think. You just inspired me to buy some this week. Hope you are having a nice weekend!


  17. sunflowers are my fav! and so are corgis ;) my heart burst into a million pieces too hahah.

  18. Wow, that cake really is awesome!

  19. That instax is gorgeous! I have two of them but I like that one more lol


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