August 26, 2013

i lectured yangkyu & piri about household plants that could be harmful to dogs and they said we are in the clear because no plants ever survive with me in our home.

ok. so they are kinda right. although the plants we bought a few months back are doing fine {just looks a little dry. but not completely.}

did you have a good weekend? 

ours was pretty low-key. we all got groomed. piri is shaven down and looks like a little pig with floppy ears. i finally trimmed my bangs and yangkyu is sportin the messy spiky look that i love so much. i think piri thinks it's fair when we all get groomed. it's not one of his favorite things to do but if we all go through it then it's not so bad in his eyes. 

we also thrifted something simple yet neat {i'll write about it tomorrow!}, spray painted a few more frames and came up with another week of meal planning {does anyone else do this? it's done wonders for us in terms of saving money and not wasting food}. i'm kind of excited to be making hamburg steak for dinner. yum. 

ps - in case you were also wondering which plants are toxic to animals, here is a great list provided by the aspca.

have a great week!


  1. and Piri are looking good:) And will check out that hamburg steak. Have never heard of it before.

  2. Yes! Meal planning. I am actually planning a post on this soon. Saves so much time and money and helps us eat healthier too. And I hear you on the "black thumb." I just pulled my devil's ivy from the brink of death due to utter neglect. Oh well, it looks... alive-ish now.

  3. SO ADORABLE! I read an article about how pets get sick from eating certain plants, it's quite scary! But good on the lecture ;)

    I bought a little bamboo tree months ago and it's still green :)

  4. Aww, Piri is so adorable! It's so cute when dogs get shaven down, they don't look like themselves! I really need to get back to meal planning for the week - I agree, it saves money and time! I'm glad to hear that you used to enjoy Bear Mountain, as well - it's really nice although it was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. I'm also glad you had a great weekend, Jane!!

  5. what are you wearing on your lips jane? i love the color of your lips in these photos

    1. i actually used a combo actually! first applied maybelline's vibrant mandarin, dabbed, and then applied l'oreal's red fatale :)

  6. Oh yeah meal planning is definitely smart. I did have a good weekend and has my first photo shoot. I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would as I do not like posing or being in pix that much but it got sorta fun towards the end.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  7. I love meal planning, it makes me hungry every night before I go to bed and every afternoon when I get home before making dinner. Hehe. Piri looks cute as always. I might need a cut myself sometime soon.

  8. Hehe my husband says I have a black thumb too :)
    You and Piri are looking good!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. So sweet pictures!

  10. Fabulous post! Great pictures! I love them all! I'm definitely thinking that your blog is always more cute!
    Have a nice day!
    follow each other?

  11. ohh can't wait to see what you thrifted this time! and ha don't worry, I have a brown thumb too.. wish I didn't. I would love to be have a thriving garden!

  12. I kill pretty much all the plants. Keep me away from them! It's not safe!

  13. You look like song-hye-gyo in the left picture! Gorgeous~


  14. haha,
    the title of this post is so me. i mean the last part, how every plant will die in my hand. eeek.

  15. Piri is so cute! You guys are so precious ~


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