September 27, 2013

have a pleasant weekend + links

we love finding these green foxtails during our walks with piri lately. in korea they are called "gang ah ji pool", which literally means dog grass. a dear friend i met on instagram said that in japan they are called neko jarashi, which means cat grass. 

do you have anything planned for the weekend? 

we're using our groupon deal to head on over to a self bathing place to give piri a good wash {he's also getting a facial. part of the deal. woot.} and i think we'll also see if we can find a good thrift find for the home. we haven't done this in a few weeks so i'm looking forward to it. i hope we can find something nice. in the past i used to be in a hurry to buy everything for the home. but now i'm practicing a little patience and slowly finding pieces here and there. i am rather enjoying this process. 

have a pleasant weekend and hope you enjoy these links. 

 // so we started counting down. a bit early? yes. but we just love christmas. 

 // want to know key metrics about your instagram account? try this

 // speaking of instagram, i met the cutest beagle

 // a plethora of ways to add color to your kitchen.  

 // i wish i was in brooklyn to attend this

 // a nice collection of fonts. {i seriously downloaded every one}

 // s'mores. but not just any s'mores. expresso salted caramel s'mores. 

 // a great meeting of analog photo with the smartphone. 

 // must have for fall

 // polka dots. flowy. mid-calf. love.



ps - don't forget to enter our giveaway with olive green dog ($50 store credit)! closes monday, september 30th! 

pps - in case you missed it! piri's q & a is over at the grinning labrador


  1. Happy thrift-shopping and weekend, Jane:)

  2. That polka dot dress is lovely! Happy weekend Jane!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. That hooded military jacket is amazing and the polka dot dress even better!!! I'm already counting down to Christmas too, who couldn't? It's the most jolly time of the year! Happy Weekend to you. :)

  4. I used to LOVE gang-ah-ji pool...although I don't quite understand how they look like puppies. Looks like you have an awesome weekend planned, and I loved your links! Cheers~


  5. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for linking my instagram > v < What a pleasant surprise! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Oh my goodness, a Christmas countdown is such a great pick-me-up! I am going to start clocking the days as well! And that army green jacket is perfection :!)

  7. I just love reading your blog! I especially love following along as you care for Piri. You are both great parents! I have had to practice patience in decorating, more because of money constraints. I'm a rather impatient person and I wanted to have a HGTV moment, but, alas, it must wait. But, maybe that's a good thing, like you said. Happy weekend!

  8. Ah those fonts are so pretty! I just downloaded all of the too, haha :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  9. So that's what they're called. I always see foxtails around. So excited for Christmas! The espresso smores look really yummy.

  10. So that's what they're called. I always see foxtails around. So excited for Christmas! The espresso smores look really yummy.

  11. I have so much trouble thrifting stuff for my home! I'm great at thrifting clothes, but furniture etc., it just doesn't happen! Good luck this weekend and tell me your home style thrifting secrets!

  12. I've grown to appreciate the process of thrift shopping as well! One of my prized possessions is a small painting that I purchased in San Francisco with my younger sister two days before she left for basic training for the US Army. When purchasing pieces one at a time, they each have a meaning or special memory attached to it! 😊

  13. I love the polka dot dress, great find ♥

  14. In a time of u finishing ur friday, my saturday already started:) Now it s Sunday, I have a knee pain, but I did the best hiking in my life so far:) Enjoy ur weekend and shopping too!:)

  15. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration! I always have in mind a redecoration of ours as it is soo plain :) and great fonts!! I should go right now to download all of them :)

  16. Hope you're having a good weekend! And YES it's way too early for Christmas countdowns Jane!!

  17. Oh YES! I love love love how you guys have already started your countdown. I was waiting this year until I stumbled upon someone else who did and here you are! I'm so fond of Christmas! :D

    And thanks for the fonts haul link, they're so neat!

  18. Hope you had an awesome weekend!! Thank u for sharing the link for those fonts, they all are so edgy & definitely useful~ And nah, counting down towards Christmas isn't too early! Anything we love & are excited for should be expressed ;) It's crazy how time really flies by... next thing u know, it's going to be Thanksgiving ahhhh

  19. SO cute that Piri is getting a facial!! I don't think that's available in Australia otherwie I'll sign up for Frankie.


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