September 20, 2013

have a tranquil weekend + links

i took this picture inside of our car in the earliest of mornings on monday while on our way to arlington, va. it was chilly, no other cars on the road and there was just something very calm and serene about the whole scene. something i needed at the moment. 

do you have anything special planned for the weekend? 

i think this is a first weekend where we don't have anything planned. planned together that is. yangkyu is going off kayaking with some folks he met through a community baseball club. i think i'll maybe have my nose in a book {currently reading the night circus} and make hot ginger tea. 

hope you enjoy your weekend and these links if you are interested. 

 // we're big fans of hayao miyazaki. and these vine clips are just amazing. 

 // gah. this just makes my day. 

 // so pretty

 // a great idea for selling cards. 

 // transformed! and it looks great. 

 // i would love one for my little family. 

 // so want this. would wear it with a nice warm scarf. 

 // if you're looking for a furry companion, consider this

 // fan of the diana f+? try these tips. 

 // i wish i knew these food hacks earlier. 



  1. Wtf those food hacks are amazing, haha! Have a good weekend, a quiet one sounds really good...

  2. Those food hacks are so smart! And I love that Anthro hat too :) Have a fantastic weekend, Jane, it sounds like you have a nice, relaxing one planned! xo

  3. Have a great weekend to you and the whole gang, Jane:) Nothing special planned over here too, so just a good time to relax:)
    And OMG! Thanks for sharing that food hack post. Sharing that on twitter!!

  4. A quiet weekend can be so lovely sometimes. Enjoy it! I don't have much planned either since it's supposed to rain in NYC. Off to check out the Miyazaki clips :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Omg those food hacks are great! Hope you have a great weekend too xx kat

    Love and Ace

  6. Those foodhacks are genius!! And your weekend sounds so good, I'm just...working and do research for uni :')

  7. that vintage satchel is adorable! did you get it?

    Have a great weekend!

    xx Alecia

    1. ah unfortunately i am on a spending freeze! :) so i am admiring it from afar!

  8. I really look forward to your links. You always post such awesome finds! Love the satchel :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  9. oh my diana f+ has been unused for far too long, I'll have to check out those tips. and thanks for including my blog in your links :)

  10. Ahhh vine is amazing but I suck at it. And that satchel is really cool - are you going to go for it?

    1. i am currently on a spending freeze so i am loving it from afar! :)

  11. I can see the calmness in the photo. Happy weekend!

  12. Those vine clips of Hayao Miyazaki are so creative :) Ahhhh Totoro! I'll be trying to catch up on my reading as well this weekend! Have a great weekend!

  13. oh gosh the link of the dogs who love water is the most adorable thing ever! so darn cute. and the anthropologie hat is simply amazing. happy weekend to you!

  14. ciao from your 80th follower! (yay!)
    your blog is so cute, love the links here. especially that one with the links for matching mixing cards. such a good idea, i used to sell cards on etsy and perhaps i will get back into it!

    love your blog. have a lovely (tranquil!) weekend.

    taylor ||

    1. thank you! glad to have you here!

  15. BEautiful pictures. I just hope to get my batteries recharged this weekend.

    Have a great weekend.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    cassandra xx

  16. What weird food hacks! Can't say I'd split an ice cream in half like that; it's not that serious! Also, love the purse on Etsy and Anthro hat as well. Thanks for sharing. -Jess L


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