September 22, 2013

hey fall, you're finally here! we're looking forward to a few things with ya..

fall is finally here. i've been dreading this season for some time now because i just love love love summer. but now that it's officially fall, it's not as bad. i think what i was dreading most was not the changing of the leaves, layering or the pumpkins, but more .. daylight savings. i love my morning and evening walks with piri when it's actually still bright out. but during the fall and winter months, mornings and evenings are so dark. and add the cold to that and it's just a bad mix all around. 

but! there are things are are definitely looking forward to in our little home. things like.. 

1. mornings like this 

2. stepping on crunchy leaves 

3. apple picking 

4. wearing sweaters and stealing yangkyu's on extra chilly nights

5. finding the perfect pumpkin & carving them {and we'll make sure we have piri represented this time}

6. lighting candles. lots and lots of candles. with fall scents. 

7. halloween and seeing this friendly, furry ghost 

8. possibly catching "the worst witch" on tv {or just 13 nights of halloween on abc}

9. keeping up with thanksgiving traditions with the sound of music {the hills are alive!}

10. going to see the pretty leaves at shenandoah national park 

11. making warm pies

12. plaid flannel

13. eskimo kisses {to warm the tips of our noses}

14. high boots

15. making pancakes on a crisp morning with warm house slippers 

16. scarves {i love them so!}

17. taking out piri's "dog" sweater {it's our favorite}

18. krispy kreme halloween donuts

19. smells of herbs during thanksgiving cooking

20. keeping up with more traditions like playing christmas songs right after thanksgiving and putting the tree up, too {we're thinking of cutting our own this year at a christmas tree farm}


  1. I LOVE fall! It means Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, warm fall drinks everywhere, boots, scarves, and lots of festivities! Such a great idea! You know how I like making lists. Maybe I'll make one too! -Jess L

  2. I feel the same way as you when it comes to fall. Really love summer, esp. this year, so the transition to fall is kinda hard. I do look forward to wearing jackets and boots again, and the coming Halloween.
    Other than that, I feel like I'm always waiting for summer:D
    Happy Sunday, Jane.

  3. I love love love summer too, but I am looking forward to thanksgiving for sure :) and mmmm baking warm pies! especially pecan ;)

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  5. I cannot wait to see the leaves change, wear comfy sweaters and scarves, eat wonderful pies, and of course enjoy the holiday season around the corner! But I will miss pleasant warm weather and the lovely breeze in the air! Nevertheless, pumpkin spice lattes here I come! :)

  6. mmm, these all sound so lovely! i'm really looking to wearing more scarves again as well :) x


  7. OH oh oh #11 and 14 <3 And I guess 7 as well
    but my country doesn't really celebrate Halloween :c

  8. Love your list Jane! It's gotten me in the mood for fall even more so than before! I love the coziness of the season with all the scarves, Halloween movies, and hot coco! It's my favorite season!

  9. Happy 1st day of fall :D U seriously couldn't have said each exciting point for fall any better! Too true & so excited haha. Fall just makes me feel all warm inside~

  10. Crunchy leaves, definitely a wonderful fall perk! When something dreaded is around the corner, I think making a list of things you appreciate about it is a great antidote. Thanks for the inspiration...

  11. Have you guys ever done a post on where you get sweaters for Piri? I just got skinny little short haired dog and I think he needs a bit more for the winter!

    7% Solution

    1. we were just thinking about doing a fall wish list from piri's favorite store! but usually our go to places to get things are olive green dog and petco (martha stewart line!) --

  12. I love fall.. that sounds like a great list.. I love the pies and the soups and the apples... so many apples.

  13. I love wearing scarves and boots! Lighting Yankee candles too is always a must for me.

  14. Fall is my favorite season! Love changing of leaves and apple picking! And I look forward to photos of Piri with his doggy sweaters :)

  15. I feel the same way about fall as you do... maybe I need some more plaid flannel to keep me warm and cozy


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