September 17, 2013

if you're ever in dc, try kimchi bbq taco food truck

right after labor day, during that week when yangkyu took off from work, we ventured out to dc and grabbed kimchi bbq taco for lunch. a good acquaintance of ours actually owns and runs it. yangkyu and i followed their tweet and figured out they were going to be in metro center and headed on over when our stomachs were telling us it's time for food. 

i have actually never ordered from a food truck before. i know it's all the fad in other cities as well. the experience was kinda neat. a line of food trucks and a bunch of folks ordering, waiting and eating. the weather was nice enough to let us eat outside.

i got the soft tacos with bulgogi and spicy and yangkyu got the burrito. it was delicious. finger licking delicious {my tacos were oh so juicy}. 

if you're ever in dc and want to try out the taco food truck experience, give kimchi bbq taco a try. you can follow them on twitter to find out which location they will be at {they are not always in the same location}. according to owner, he says that the bibim bap conversion is actually really good. i'm planning on trying that the next chance i get. 

happy eating! 

^^ yangkyu with kibum, or otherwise known as to me, mr. kimchi bbq taco truck owner. thanks so much for the tastiest korean tacos! ^^


  1. OMG, I LOVE taco trucks! These look absolutely scrumptious! I might just have to come up to DC just for this ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Oh wow, Mexican and
    Korean cuisine? Weirdest
    combination ever, but
    hearing you enjoyed it,
    I'd love to try it out
    c: Since I'm quite
    adventurous.... Xx

  3. Seriously, those tacos look delicious! We have a korean-taco place here near me in Brooklyn that is quite delicious so I'll just have to check this place out the next time I'm in D.C.!

  4. jane, those look sooooooo delicious! Nom nom nom

  5. wow! mouth watering! Looks and sounds delish!!

  6. omg two of my favorite things combined - kimchi and tacos?? Looks amazing. We have a lot of food trucks here in LA but definitely nothing as unique as this one (that i know of) xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  7. This looks great they have food trucks all over New York city but I have yet to actually try one you are inspiring me

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  8. looks amaze!! we have a plethora of korean/mexican fusion food trucks down here.. and they're my fave food trucks!

    -issa @

  9. I love Kimichi and need to try Kimchi Taco soon..! That looks so yum :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  10. Yay we've got kimchi tacos here in Texas too and they're always oh so good

  11. Kimchi tacos looks mouth watering. Would love to try.


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