October 31, 2013

happy halloween + a spooktacular playlist

happy halloween!

we took these picture last weekend. we're trying to make use of our tripod more around the house to get candid shots (or close to them) the best we can. i love how this one turned out. i wished all of us put on bear headgear but yangkyu didn't have one so he's a cat. ha.

i haven't done a playlist in a long time but here is a spooktacular one as we wait for goblins, ghouls, oh and yes the trick or treaters to come out tonight! 

01 // walking on air - kerli
02 // sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics
03 // love potion no. 9 - the searchers
04 // i put a spell on you - nina simone
05 // superstition - stevie wonder 
06 // we only come out at night - smashing pumpkins
07 // disturbia - rihanna
08 // thriller - michael jackson


  1. Excellent playlist and the photo is completely charming! Happy Halloween to the three of you!

  2. Happy Halloween, you three! I love your hats! I'm dancing to your playlist =)

  3. There is too much cuteness in that picture:P
    Happy Halloween to you and the whole gang, Jane:)

  4. OMG you are right this is so cute and totally candid I love it!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  5. This is seriously so cute! Halloween always seems so picturesque. Over here in Holland it's not much of a big deal, no ghouls or trick-or-treaters really. An occasional party with a Halloween theme but that's mostly a metal/rock-event which is not quite my sort of thing, hehe. Definitely playing that playlist tonight though!

  6. Happy Halloween! Cute cute picture of you three c:
    Use the tripod more lady! Xx

  7. Aww look at you three! Happy Halloween!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. You know I love Nina Simone?! And those hats are so cute! -Jess L

  9. Such a perfect playlist, Jane!! Love that you added Smashing Pumpkins in there! hehe And you guys look adorable, Piri is sure to be a hit!! And oh, I couldn't leave without commenting about how much I love that chalkboard in the back!

  10. So lovin' the pic of u 3, adorably celebrating Halloween~ Great round up of songs! My fav is Love potion no. 9 ;] Happy safe Halloween!

  11. aww you 3are so adorable- love your hats :D

  12. eeeh.. you guys look so cute.. Also your house looks pretty neat <3


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