October 25, 2013

have a pleasant weekend + links

i found these pretties during my afternoon walk with piri yesterday. it was probably one of the most colorful walks we've been on so far. temperatures have definitely dropped and now i'm seeking chunky sweaters, scarves and even gloves. but you know what i love? cold cheeks pressing against warm cheeks. it's probably one of the best feelings in the world. 

what are your plans for the weekend? we hope to make it out to dc and take some pictures of fall around where we live. we may also cozy up with some popcorn and our space heater and watch moonrise kingdom.

enjoy your weekend and here are some links i hope you'll find interesting. 

 // which state do you belong in? i got georgia. oregon for yangkyu.

 // and the best halloween costume goes to this toddler.  

 // what a neat idea. chalkboard pumpkins

 // 20 handmade costumes. i love the mouse and mushroom. 

 // grab a cup of coffee and listen to some of these heartwarming stories

 // bunny ears. i want. 

 // when you just want a drop, smidge, pinch or hint. 

 // precious scandinavian holiday decor

 // not a bento box, but a bento bag

 // love this great program for shelter pets. 


  1. Have a great weekend to all of you:) And great links. I wanna dress the whole family in that LED costume!

  2. Thank u and enjoy the weekend, u too!:) My plans include the mountains, more hiking before the first snow:) xx

  3. Those leaves are gorgeous! Apparently I belong in New Mexico? I've got no idea what's in New Mexico, haha. Also that' kid's costume is AWESOME, omg.

  4. I love those leaves! ^^I got New Mexico too, have never been or know much about it! haha

  5. such beautiful leaves! fall is definitely here

  6. Those spoons are both ridiculous and awesome!!! And I got Georgia too, go figure!

  7. I love when it's time to check out these fantastic links from u every week~ I got Georgia as well! Those bunny ears are so cute & sweet, makes me want to wear overalls with them ;) Have a warm fun weekend!

  8. I got California! Lol that has me thinking about the future haha ;) and that toddler most definitely won Halloween- too cute! Have a wonderful weekend Jane!!

  9. According to the test, I belong in New Mexico! Interesting links. Have a nice weekend, Jane! :)

  10. Wow those leaves are beautiful - that's one thing I miss out here in LA is the changing colors of tree. And apparently i'm Nevada!

    Love and Ace

  11. Such pretty pretty leaves! The leaves are changing colors so slowly in NYC this year. I got Arizona. - like what O_o

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. It looks as I belong to New Mexico :) love your autumn leaves! and the ban.do bunny ears scarf, oh! need it, it would give some pizzaz to my autumn uniform of large sweater with skinny jeans :) Have a great weekend! Although with Moonrise Kingdom that is a done deal ;)

  13. So jealous you can see all these wonderful colors! Gotta hunt them down here in LA. I am obsessed with all your photos. You are going to love Moonrise Kingdom! Such a sweet movie & I love Wes Anderson flicks. This weekend is time alone with Mr. ShuGar and I. We haven't been to the movies in a while, so I told him I want to see the latest indie flick. Hugs!

  14. Happy weekend, Jane! Your photo is gorgeous, such pretty leaves! Looking forward to checking out the links.

  15. these links are so helpful and those leafs really are like perfection!


  16. aww cold cheeks on warm cheeks- that sounds like heaven. and that toddlers costume is HILARIOUS- clever parents!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  17. I love collecting pretty things on my walks ;) I got South Carolina for my state... haha

    Happy weekend, Jane! I can't wait to see your pretty Fall photos! :)

  18. I'm trying to collect some fall leafs as well, but
    since it had rained, everything is soggy and
    dirty :c

    Ah man, you have always have the best
    onlineshop intro's! Xx

  19. That toddler's costume is totally a winner!

  20. cold cheeks pressing against warm cheeks: Love that!!

  21. The pumpkins are such a sweet idea, I've forwarded that onto my partner.

    Buckets & Spades


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