December 26, 2013

2013 - year in review: part 1.

hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

we spent christmas eve driving around town with piri to check out some of the houses that put up beautiful lights and somehow ended up at the festival of lights at bull run where we drove through winter wonderland, toyland and candyland while listening to christmas music on pandora.

on christmas morning we opened our presents and enjoyed breakfast and an early morning movie. the rest of the day will be dedicated to movies. oh yes.

as i write this, yangkyu and piri are both taking an early afternoon nap on christmas day and i have just looked back on this year on the blog. and wow, what a year it was. it's always bitter sweet looking back - sad that it's over, but also happy at what is to come in the future. 

i think what was even more special were the conversations that happened with each post and the connections i made with so many people from all over the world through this crazy world of blogging. i am immensely thankful for your friendship, love and support. i look forward to many more moments with you in 2014.

last year we did a top 10 memorable moments countdown, but this year i thought to do it in two posts. so here they are -- some of our favorite pictures and memorable moments from 2013, part 1, from january to june: 

earlier in the year, we took a trip up to new york and visited some of our favorite places in queens, including our old apartment in rego park, and went to the empire state building for the first time while swinging by dougnut plant and hell's kitchen flea market. 

but the main reason for going was for my dear friend's baby shower. she is now a mama to a smart and very smiley 10 month old {time literally flew by}. 

prior to the shower, yangkyu and i spent a few weeks putting together some decorations and favors. it was probably the first time we dabbled at such a big diy project together and it was so much fun. i think my favorite was the wishing tree and also the wisdom baskets.
and just as these celebrations were joyous, we were shocked and saddened when a few weeks later yangkyu's mother collapsed from a brain aneurysm and slipped into a coma. family and friends rushed by her side and took turns to keep by her bedside.. however she passed away and left us all very empty and heartbroken. as her children and friends recounted some of their fondest memories of her, we found some comfort knowing that she was joining her husband whom she lost 12 year earlier. we still talk about her and recall her life while browsing through old family photos. she is still very missed. 
and when the days began to see glimmers of warmth and spring was around the corner, we decided to start a container garden. boy was that the biggest flop of the year. our tomatoes, lettuce and green onions didn't get very far. 
and just like that, because the weather is crazy, we got real snow for the first time in early march. but we put on our snow boots and romped around in the snow. we were hoping for a bigger storm but took whatever we got! 
^^ getting happy mail. more stickygrams came to fill our refrigerator door. ^^

and then in march, piri celebrated his 14th birthday. we made him a sweet potato cake and got his presents at olive green dog. it was a quite a celebration. we're just happy and lucky that piri is healthy. it's more than we can ask for. 
as april was approaching, we were venturing out more to dc and nearby areas. we stumbled upon the maine avenue fish market during our date day and went by the tidal basin and viewed cherry blossoms with friends who visited us from new york. this is probably one of the most beautiful times of the year in dc. 
in april, we picked the most beautiful day to pack up our little hatchback for a drive to virginia beach. we took piri with us and we got our feet wet, wrote secret notes in the sand and met doggie friends along the way. this day is one of my favorite memories of the year.. and i captured it on video as well {which also happens to be my favorite video. music is bright whites by kishi bashi}.
in may we went over to wolf trap and saw our favorite radio show, a prairie home companion, live. it was a cooold cooold day and we were freezing our butts off, but when the crowd broke out into singing you are my sunshine, it was totally worth it. 

toward the end of the month we went strawberry picking and i told a really bad joke saying that maybe these strawberries were vampire strawberries because they were sparkling under the sun. yes. i know. pretty bad. but those strawberries made up for my terrible joke. they were delicious. 
in june we headed over to monticello, president jefferson's home, and took in all the beautiful landscape, architecture and history. we also went by the university of virginia and enjoyed a nice ride back home with me singing under the sea on top of my lungs {you know, to keep yangkyu from falling asleep at the wheel}.
and june is one of my favorite months {next to december} for two reasons. one, it's yangkyu's birthday. we celebrated his 34th with lumpy cake and colorful balloons {which he helped me blow up and tie. oops.}
and two, because my favorite flowers, peonies, are in bloom. we had them every single
week during this month in fluffy pink, white and magenta. i can't wait for it to be june again. 
thank you for looking back with us! we'll be posting a recap of the last six months of the year next week. 

what were some of your favorite moments of the year?


  1. Compared to yours my life looks pretty boring! XD/D:
    The movie is really cute :3

  2. hope you had a merry Christmas - we drove around to look at lights too! Looks like you guys had a wonderful 2013, Piri is just adorable! x Kat

    Love and Ace

  3. That is a very nice recap of your 2013 year in pictures. I started documenting something similar to in a word document as what significant events happened each month because I tend to forget. Cant believe Piri is 14, he looks cute, young and super vibrant :). Glad to have discovered your blog this year.

  4. Wow you guys did have a wonderful year with the exception of Yangkyu's mom passing away.So sorry. And your wonderful pictures bring it all to life. And yes you always have to sacrifice space for city life. When I was younger I was all about living in the city. Now not so much. I work in the city and don't have to live there. Space is nice too.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. What a great post, Jane:) Thank you so much for sharing.
    I didn't know Piri is already! He looks good:D
    And I'm really sorry to hear about Yangku's mother, but as what you wrote, she is with her husband now.
    Hope you're having an awesome day:)

  6. You guys made so much stories and memories this 2013! I look forward to 2014 in this blog :)

  7. So many great photos! I'm so sorry about Yangku's mother but I loved what you wrote about her being with her husband now. I have a black thumb, but my husband gardens and he said basil is very easy to grown in a container garden. :) Enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

  8. Lovely post. 2013 is a wonderful year, isn't it?

  9. I remember a lot of these. :)

    Your photos --always-- make me smile. They also inspire me. Looks like it was a beautiful year!

  10. What a wonderful recap filled with some great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. this was so great to read! i got to catch up on some things that I had missed before discovering your blog, which I am so so glad I did! i hope you and your family have the best year ever in 2014. xx

  12. I remember everything from your snow day afterwards... I guess that must have been when I started following you!

    7% Solution

  13. Aww, having started following your blog later this year, this recap allows me to catch up with your life


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