December 18, 2013

hi. isfj over here. nice to meet ya.

well gosh jolly, i was so happy to see so many folks relate with this post. i didn't know there were so many introverts out there. 

i recently took the shortened version of the myers-briggs test and it says that i am an isfj -- introverted, sensing, feeling, judging. not everything about this portrait is true for me, but it comes pretty close. 

sometimes introverted folks were misunderstood as people who are anti-social, not having friends and never wanting to leave the confines of their home. i find some of these following links fascinating. it shows who introverts really are and helped understand who i was when i was working in a field where extroverts stood out and were thought of as leaders and the assertive go-getters. well  me thinks that introverts make for some pretty powerful leaders as well. 

hope you enjoy. 

 // quiet: the power of introverts ted talks. this is really great. she also has a book

// another really great video - the power of quiet. uses steve jobs and steve wozniak as an example. 

 // some signs of an introvert. {i hate public speaking but #8! it cracked me up.}

 // and for some laughs

ps - i'm not really into disney princesses {just disney songs please - heh}, but apparently as an isfj i am also cinderella. the things people come up with... 

pps - totally not related, but i finally trimmed those bangs of mine. so hard to grow them out and yet so hard to maintain them. 


  1. ha! i'm an ISTJ according to the test - and Tiana. who the hell is tiana? i don't think i've ever seen that one from disney. haha. but she sounds pretty great.

  2. I want to take this test! I find it interesting how often people mistake shyness and being introverted as being the same thing. Your bangs look bangin' :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I'm a total introvert too, which can be frustrating at times. Can't wait to watch that TED talk later today!!

  4. I've been meaning to read Susan Cain's book. Thanks for the reminder :) I looked and I am Belle. After reading, it lines up quite nicely!

  5. My older sis took this test but I haven't yet. And I've been meaning to read this book! A friend liked it a lot.
    Introverts unite!!!!

  6. Oh gosh now I've got to take the test too.. Cinderella? Interesting. My bangs are in desperate needs of trimming too. I feel like a shaggy dog. xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  7. Bangs look good on you! I am planning to trim my bangs over the holiday break as well :) By the way, #18 on the Huff Post cracked me up! I have been called an old soul since I was a child.

  8. I am definitely an introvert. People often confuse "introvert" with "shy" it is not the same. Being shy is more of a phobia where as being introverted is more about being "introspective"

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  9. I will have to take that test to see how introvert I am. Interestingly I found that most bloggers are introverts. Perhaps that explains why most of us find comfort in writing.

  10. I'm a self proclaimed introvert. I can be very social and make friends in an instant, but I'm happier being in the comfort of my own home.

  11. I'm more an introvert than a extrovert yet I'm still
    a social person c: I mean I can get along with
    new faces and maybe create friendships from
    this point! Xx

  12. Eeep! This is Mr. ShuGar! He is an introvert and I love him for it. I am more of an intro/extrovert since I know there is a spectrum. But a lot of these things are true for me, like socializing drains me and I am writer. I do remember the hubs saying how people misinterpret who he is because he is "quiet and intense." I think introverts are gems and they rule the world. They're the sweetest people and they live life with intentionality.

  13. I'm more of an extrovert but I have this introvert tendency as well. I took the test and the result was ESFP and I'm Ariel.... What a fun test!

  14. Apparently I'm Belle, haven't tried talking to any teapots or tea cups or brooms though :))

  15. i love all kinds of personality tests! i'm an INFP and Pochahontas, haha. I would say it's pretty accurate - i am also more of an introvert than an extrovert, and i like it that way :) x

  16. definitely going to follow those links later. took this test and INFJ seems pretty close to me. i know i am definitely an introvert, but as you know that definitely doesn't necessarily mean you shy away from social interaction - i usually think of myself as more reserved. when i get comfortable around people, i become more open, but i am also more of a listener in a lot of situations. i always find it interesting to see that a lot of us bloggers are introverts!


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