December 31, 2013

year in review from piri the cocker spaniel.

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before we completely say good-bye to 2013, piri wanted to do a list of his own recapping his favorite moments. he did one in 2012, so we said why not. it'll be fun. so i sat down with him while sharing an apple and went over the past year on instagram, since he always dominates our feed

hope you enjoy!
^^ i learned that if i leaned in this close to the human girl in my life, she feels extra bad and gives me more pieces of her apple. ^^
^^ the human bed and pillows are a great place to nap. ^^
^^ and so are the piles of clothes that come out of the big boxy machine. it's always so warm and fluffy.  but i think i was supposed to help fold the clothes. not sleep on them. ^^
^^ but i helped take notes while mama worked from home. getting on those conference calls were kind of a big head ache. humans sure do talk a lot. ^^
^^ during the summer months, i said good morning to the world from my favorite window. all the trees and grass greeted me back. ^^
^^ i spied on mr. neighbor a few times. he smokes a lot. but he's friendly. ^^
^^ i saw bubbles for the first time. i wasn't impressed. they are actually kind of really annoying. ^^
^^ i got a cool fourth of july bow tie and i saw fire crackers at night. ^^
^^ i met isabella and she was a little rambunctious. but that's ok. she was kinda cool. ^^
^^ what was not cool was a bath that i got afterwards. i also got a facial and smelled like blueberries for days. ^^
^^ when i was sick, lambchop kept me company. ^^
^^ but i accidentally took out her stuffing a few months later. ^^
^^ i liked taking naps with this guy. he snores a lot. but i snore too. so we snored together. ^^
^^ i learned that this is called the green foxtail. i liked to pee on them during my walks. ^^
^^ i got to wear my pirate hat on national talk like a pirate day. ^^ 
^^ and got to eat more and more apples. it's my favorite. ^^
^^ and i got my own pumpkin for halloween. ^^
^^ then sweater weather finally came. ^^
^^ and i was officially crowned sir majesty of the bedsheets and pillows. ^^ 
^^ i helped trim the tree. ^^
^^ and i waited for santa under it. ^^
^^ and i never got tired of greeting the humans this year when they came home. i sometimes gave them my kermit the frog toy as a welcome home present. ^^

thank you for keeping piri and us as part of your online lives. wherever you are, i hope you are keeping safe and enjoying your time on this new year's eve. happy new year. see you in 2014. 



  1. Piri, you definitely leads a good life. haha
    it's gonna be 2014 in 2.5 hours on my side of the world. still can't believe 2013 is almost over.

  2. Hahahaha...Sir Majesty, you are just too adorable and worth every attention you get:) Happy New Year to all of you:) XOXO

  3. Awww! :D

    Best wishes for 2014, I hope you, Piri and Yangkyu continue the happiness and stay in good health too!

  4. these pictures definitely cheered me up this morning! hadn't had a chance to see what you're up to lately, but I love seeing all you've accomplished this year in our review posts! Happy new year!

  5. That picture of Piri and Yangkyu sleeping together was just too much. Happy New Year Piri, you crazy pup!

  6. So many cute photos! The one with glasses and (intact) lamb chop are my favorites. Hope you have a wonderful new year! :D

  7. Piri napping is adorable! Happy New Year Piri, I hope lambchop got sewed...

  8. I love Piri, we were talking about him last night actually. And his little blue boots.

    Buckets & Spades

  9. Oh goodness,so so adorable. Happy 2014 to you all!

  10. Prob one of my favorite posts! The one of Piri and Yangkyu sleeping is adorable... and I love how Piri returned the love to lampchop... haha.. Definitely put a smile on my face this morning! Hope you guys have a wonderful 2014! xo

  11. so much cuteness. your captions, Piri, everything! :)

  12. AWWWW this is adorable!!!! love the photos :) happy new year!

  13. Awww Piri is like the superstar of this blog! LOL! -Jess L


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