October 31, 2013

happy halloween + a spooktacular playlist

happy halloween!

we took these picture last weekend. we're trying to make use of our tripod more around the house to get candid shots (or close to them) the best we can. i love how this one turned out. i wished all of us put on bear headgear but yangkyu didn't have one so he's a cat. ha.

i haven't done a playlist in a long time but here is a spooktacular one as we wait for goblins, ghouls, oh and yes the trick or treaters to come out tonight! 

01 // walking on air - kerli
02 // sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics
03 // love potion no. 9 - the searchers
04 // i put a spell on you - nina simone
05 // superstition - stevie wonder 
06 // we only come out at night - smashing pumpkins
07 // disturbia - rihanna
08 // thriller - michael jackson

October 30, 2013

and then i left you a little surprise..

remember the kind of notes yangkyu leaves me? 

well, i leave him little notes too. i stuff them inside his lunch bag every once in a while. i thought i'd give it a little twist by doing a little diy cork stamp i saw over at erica's blog - caught on a whim - and decorate a bunch of cardstock paper that was the wrong kind of buy {ugh, i hate those}. i thought i could use nail polish instead of paint, but boy was i dead wrong. instead i used paint i used while making these alphabet letters. kinda like that metallic look. and i clearly need better tools. but thanks kitchen aid knife. lately you're getting us through pumpkin carving and diy's just fine. 

head on over here to find out how you can get some cork stamps of your own! 

October 29, 2013

life lately, according to my iphone

what the camera didn't, the phone did. 


October 28, 2013

a weekend full of non-stop sneezes and other things {like moonrise kingdom, an awesomely cute film}

hello! what a crazy weekend it was. i think i spend all saturday sneezing my head off. you know when you sneeze like three times in a row? yeah. i had that the entire day. but i got to drink a pot of ginger tea. that was my mama's go-to home remedy in relieving colds and soar throats. it's magic.

despite the sneezing spell, we managed to squeeze in our usual errands and a trip to michael's {for some diy projects}, bed, bath and beyond {for more baking even though i clearly don't have a talent for it} and my favorite place in dc - eastern market. we went to the sunday flea market and came across some really great vintage pieces {although we didn't buy anything}. we also grabbed some dc donuts {their mini ones are so good} before rushing back home to piri.

and finally {!} we cozied up in front of the tv with some popcorn and nachos and watched moonrise kingdom. to everyone who told me that this was a great movie - you really weren't kidding! it was such a sweet, odd and beautiful flick. i have never felt the urge to actually visit the places where a movie was filmed until this one. and oh the awesome, awkward and introverted personalities in the movie made me feel giddy {i'm so awkward and introverted}. and i couldn't help but crush on suzy's mom's sweater cardigan. i need to find me one!  

hope your weekend was filled with adventure! these are just some pictures from around our home from the weekend. 

October 25, 2013

have a pleasant weekend + links

i found these pretties during my afternoon walk with piri yesterday. it was probably one of the most colorful walks we've been on so far. temperatures have definitely dropped and now i'm seeking chunky sweaters, scarves and even gloves. but you know what i love? cold cheeks pressing against warm cheeks. it's probably one of the best feelings in the world. 

what are your plans for the weekend? we hope to make it out to dc and take some pictures of fall around where we live. we may also cozy up with some popcorn and our space heater and watch moonrise kingdom.

enjoy your weekend and here are some links i hope you'll find interesting. 

 // which state do you belong in? i got georgia. oregon for yangkyu.

 // and the best halloween costume goes to this toddler.  

 // what a neat idea. chalkboard pumpkins

 // 20 handmade costumes. i love the mouse and mushroom. 

 // grab a cup of coffee and listen to some of these heartwarming stories

 // bunny ears. i want. 

 // when you just want a drop, smidge, pinch or hint. 

 // precious scandinavian holiday decor

 // not a bento box, but a bento bag

 // love this great program for shelter pets. 

October 24, 2013

and then there was a one-eye monster, stormtrooper and a cocker spaniel.

this happened a couple of nights ago. 

for some reason it seemed easier last year then this year. but then maybe my memory is playing a trick on me. or maybe this year we cut the hole on top way too small. but either way we still ended up with a perfectly normal one-eyed monster {well this one ended up with one missing tooth}, a stormtrooper and a cocker spaniel {we're crazy dog people}. 

there is a thing about these moments. making of memories. i had a thought the other day and it just felt so good that we'll have so much to talk about when we grow old. like the "remember that time when you almost dropped piri's pumpkin and it almost cracked to pieces" or the "yeah and how we kept trying to carve pumpkins without proper tools and we looked like we were hacking the pumpkins with our kitchen knives instead of carving them." memories are great. and i love making them. and sharing them.  
^^ you know. mike from monsters inc.? i love that movie. brings out the kid in me. ^^
^^ something tells me yangkyu is having a hard time...^^
halloween is literally just days away. have a spook-tacular night. are you dressing up as anything? 

October 23, 2013

five red apples hanging in a tree. the juiciest apples you ever did see. the wind came by and gave an angry frown. and one little apple came tumbling down.

we haz apples in the house! half are already gone. they were just so juicy and after sharing with piri and using some for juicing, we looked and our pile was down by half. oops. not sure if we're gonna be able to make that preserve. we'll see!

this past weekend we headed over to homestead farm in poolesville, md. this by far is the most family friendly farms i've ever seen. so huge with lots of sprawling land. oh and a llama. and goats and hens and little piglets. so cute. the llama just kept chewing away not minding the humans going aww and ahh and ohhh. {i love llamas}

we picked a bunch of fuji apples because they are our favorite and brought home three pumpkins with us. we wanted to try their caramel apple and just chill for a while but by the time we picked, took pictures and said hello to the animals we were a little tired. 

but we hope to come back. we saw little christmas trees growing {so excited to see them!}. we were thinking of picking our own tree this year so perhaps we'll come back in early december. 

thanks homestead farm for such a swell time! 

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