January 16, 2014

how do you all talk? a quiz.

this is my map.
//image generated on new york times// 

i think this may already have made the facebook newsfeed and twitter rounds already in late december, but i thought i'd share anyway. did you all see this personal dialect map quiz that was in the new york times? it tells you where you are from based on how you talk. it kind of sounds like a no brainer, but i've had friends from california and the mid-west take it and their results ended up being new york!

as for me? well, i guess you can't take the jersey out of this girl. i got newark/paterson {new jersey}, yonkers and new york. 

if you're interested, take the quiz and share your results! i'd love to know. 
this may not pertain to non-us readers, but what the heck, take the quiz anyway! 

happy thursday, the best day of the week! {not sure why, but i always loved thursdays}


  1. Lol interesting quiz, I wonder how I end for someone
    living in the EU c: Xx

    1. So I got San Jose? Lol never heard of that place before
      but it's in the very south west part of USA! During the
      quiz I had alot of 'unsimilar' results as well as the entire
      USA was blue! Xx

  2. Ironically I got the same as you! I definitely sound like I'm from my NY/NJ area. I went up Albany, NY a few months ago and I was asking a lady questions in a store and she was like, "Wow you must be from NYC or New Jersey because you do not sound like your from here!" I thought it was funny!! =)


  3. I'm a Texan, so not much to my surprise I got Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Irving. What a neat quiz! Happy Thursday!

  4. I got that map! What was particularly interesting is only a teeny tiny fraction of the US says "hoagies" for a sandwich with cold cuts and cheese. I think that definitely says I'm from Philly.

  5. Weird. Even though I'm Canadian and assumed my West Coast roots would show, apparently I talk like I'm from Plano TX. Guess it's all those podcasts out of Austin?

  6. This was so much fun to take! It's so funny to see! =D


  7. Heyy I got NY/Providence/Yonkers ;) That was an interesting & entertaining quiz! And I have to agree w/ u on loving Thursdays, it's the anticipation of another wkend~~

  8. I took this quiz awhile ago! So fun, right? I think, if i remember correctly, that mine was mostly toward the west coast/Hawaii lingo, which is right on :)

  9. hey congrats you won the iphone case giveaway!!! email me your details!

  10. mine are LA, long beach and modesto. too much sunshine?

  11. Heh Mines Seattle .. which is pretty close to Portland.

  12. Very interesting. I wonder if this will work for me, since I've lived in way too many countries since I was little.Enjoy your Thursday. :)

  13. I got Santa Clarita/Santa Ana/Anaheim! Apparently they're in California? I have no idea how they sound like haha. Then again I'm not even American. Funnily my least similar is around your area of most similar!

  14. I don't believe it'll work for me, but I'll give it a try anyway!

  15. Haha I'm Australian and I got Providence/NY/Yonkers. Which is interesting, because I think people had trouble understanding me when I was in NYC!

  16. I got DC, Baltimore, and Richmond. Where I live lol

  17. I got New York, Yonkers (is that a real place lol?) and Jersey City and I have the most southern English/London accent in the world haha.

  18. this was fun! didn't get anything seattle, like i should've but all california, which is where i am now!


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