January 7, 2014

tacocat spelled backwards is still tacocat and other 4 pm thoughts.

you know that time of hour when the chaos stops and everything seems to slow down? that time for me is 4 pm. everything is calm and my brain chills out for a bit and i get to enjoy things like watching a video of a corgi doing a snow flop {did you guys see it? it's the cutest. i swear, it's worth all of your seven seconds}.

but there are days when the stillness at 4 pm is not always so great. sometimes this hour makes me think too deep into things... and i start to analyze, assume and make things up because my mind wants to believe that the situation is worse than it really is. and every once in a blue moon, my mind spirals uncontrollably away and starts to think of the not so great things in my past, which makes me realize that i'm still holding on to them when i should be really letting go.

then there are days when this hour give me some unexplained power to do things that i usually wouldn't dare to do. like standing on the kitchen table with my swiffer wetjet in hand, banging on the ceiling in protest of my really annoying neighbors who like to sporadically stomp around the entire house for a prolonged period of time. this happens in the morning, in the afternoon and at night when we're trying to sleep. i've tried to give the benefit of the doubt for the past few months but yesterday, precisely at 4 pm, i decided i've had it. this is my calm hour and i will not have it with the stomping. {they continued to stomp anyway...}

after furiously banging at my ceiling i saw piri staring at me. it was the kind of stare that said "my human friend is really crazy." then i started to laugh. it was a good laugh. i wondered how ridiculous i looked. then everything just went back to the calm that is usually so familiar at 4 pm.


  1. :) Hope you have a good 4pm everyday, Jane.

  2. LOL - now I really wish we had video of that. Or at least a picture. Tell Piri to snap some pics next time :)

  3. Haha, love it :)

    Stay cool,



  4. I've stomped on the ceiling a few times in protest, too. Loved this, Jane. You complimenting my writing always makes my day because I think the way you write is brilliant!

    PS- 4pm isn't that bad, I tend to overanalyze around midnight. Meh.

  5. When I think about what is my very special time I think it's whenever I finish cleaning whole flat and that time after is something I really enjoy;-) But to adopt specific xy pm wouldn't be bad either. Good luck with neighbours;-) xx

  6. 4pm is usually "no more focusing, time to move" time for me. Hope your 4pm is nice and calm today.

  7. I have a time similar to this, but it is usually around 8 in the morning. It's the time between arriving at work & the kids I nanny waking up. I didn't like it at first, but now I cherish it. I take the time to read, journal or just sit their quietly & reflect. It's the perfect way to start the day for me!

  8. Do you have some pictures too? it was fantastic to see!!

    ciao ciao

  9. Haha I wonder what your neighbors are doing stomping around? Maybe they are playing Just Dance 2014...we stomp around playing this game sometimes but luckily we don't have to worry about our neighbors!

  10. i love your words and photos.. as always, thanks for sharing!

  11. oh that is too cute! Oh my I HATE that!!! I am saving to buy a condo but going to have to look in to how you can research the construction of a building for noise levels and I am going to only but a condo in which no one is above me. Though that is no bargain either, I lived is so many noisy apartments with noisy neighbors and stompers and such thin walls and floors you could hear EVERYTHING and I always seemed to live above or below people who didn't work or were always home. The worst.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. I never thought about my day like this. Now I will pay more attention to that!
    I really loved your post title today. =)


  13. Totally know the feeling of letting your thoughts go into dark places...but tacocat spelled backwards is a very funny thought to have :). Hope that neighbor stops it with the stomping!

  14. There is something about 4pm when everything just starts to calm down. That little story is just the cutest. And thank you for sharing that video. Just watched on repeat too many times I'm ashamed to say ;)
    xo TJ


  15. beautifully written. i love this! (and i love palindromes :) x

  16. I reaaaally have a weak spot for corgi and I wish
    that video was a bit longer!
    I'm sorry to hear about your noisy stompy (lol?)
    neighbor as I can also imagine how Piri must
    have looked at you :P

  17. I love your writing on this post a lot. Sometimes we allow our minds to wander out of control just to realize how certain memories could consume us in a negative way. I try to pull myself back as soon as I start dwelling. I so not miss living in an apartment. Remember the days when first moved to the states and how annoying upstairs neighbor could be.

  18. hahaha, I know exactly what you mean! I usually find my calm hour around then too.. but then it's promptly disturbed by the kid I nanny for, hollering. sigh.

  19. I love how you have written it! I hope your 4pm moments will be calm :P

  20. everyone needs to quiet time and 4 pm is officially tea time in some parts of the world :)

  21. lovely post. that time for me is usually around 6 pm, when the house is really quiet and everybody is within their own niche. i love how that hour can be so meaningful for us, but at the same time can create chaos within our own mind. i think it's important to remind ourselves constantly to get rid of those worrying thoughts because we shouldn't let them matter anymore, or consume us even if it is for just a bit.

    i would have loved to see piri staring at you! how funny! :)

  22. I never realized that. I love words that you can spell backwards like that.

    I loved those days when you have the power to do anything.


  23. You are so cute, Jane!! I love this little peak into your day at 4pm :) I feel I have many of the same emotions at that time (if I'm not in the office)!!

  24. I love the image in my head of Piri judging you, ahaha. That's interesting about your 4pms, 4pm is generally when I start panicking about how little I've done that day haha.

  25. How inconsiderate the neighbours are (to stomp in the night!!)
    4pm is quiet and tranquil, just the time for thinking. But don't overdo it! though, letting go the bad things are harder than just words.

  26. I used to have neighbours who were stompers too...SO annoying! I can just imagine Piri looking at you through and that made me giggle

    PS: That corgi video is really cute! Hehe.

  27. I love a dog flop, they never get old. Remember the dogs jumping in the that lake? Proper flop style. Well it sounds like Piri thinks you made, it's a crazy word they live in.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. i totally remember the one with the lake!


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