February 25, 2014

a girl and her dog: angie + kramer.

remember this post from a while back?

well, it basically helped shape "a girl and her dog", a new blog series i'm super excited to kick off today. each month, i'm inviting someone i met through instagram, and her beloved dog, to share a story about their friendship. they may be humorous, touching and moving, but most of all, i hope it shows just how strong a bond can be between woman and dog. 

i'm so happy to have angie and kramer to kick things off. angie is one of the first people i met on instagram. i loved seeing all her incredible vintage collections and home re-modeling adventures, but one day she met a dog.

here is angie and kramer's story. 
the girl: angie wallace 
the dog: kramer {possibly a lab/boxer mix or some type of pit bull mix}
favorite treats: peanut m&m's for angie & milk bones for kramer  
from: illinois 
find them on instagram @awallfisch

my name is angie, and i am from illinois. who is that handsome dog you ask? well, that's kramer. in my opinion, the best dog in the world. he had been abandoned by his previous owners and was left on the street. luckily, he found my husband and i; he found his true home. 

full of love and excitement, he brings pure joy to my life everyday. always ready for an adventure, he is also a professional cuddle buddy. kramer is the brother to 4 cats, who he lets run the show! he loves instrumental music. we have so many videos of him singing. if i'm ever having a downer day, i watch a video of kramer getting his groove on and perk right back up!

he reminds me that unconditional love is a privilege to experience, and i couldn't be more grateful. i can only hope that others are fortunate enough to have such a loyal best friend.
thanks so much angie and kramer!
you can see more of their adventure together here (@awallfisch).

photos via angie wallace. 


  1. The last picture is very nice :]

  2. They clearly have a very special relationship. Lovely photos too xx

  3. i was so surprised when i saw the pictures of kramer! due to the fact that my dog is a mixed breed and looks so similar to him... it just feels nice to see another dog look similar to mine! i love the photographs by the way! :)

  4. such a cute blog series! i'm glad kramer found a forever home :)

  5. Another awesome series. Kramer looks like a little person in the photos. Love that he's a professional cuddle buddy - so sweet! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  6. that is such a fantastic idea! looking forward to more xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  7. What a great idea and series soooo looking forward it! I should do one with cats. In November an 8 week old kitten showed up in our driveway meowing her head off. Well after three hours of my neighbor and I trying to catch her we got her in a cat carrier and inside. We were afraid she was going to be eaten by racoons during the night. At first we were going to take her to the shelter but she busted out of the carrier during the night (it was broken) and was running around all over the place. Well that was that, we kept her. And today, poor thing, she is at the vet having surgery--she is being spayed. She is only 6 months old but has gone in to heat twice already. It will be tough now but she will be much happier in the long run.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. awww. so glad you were able to get her into a carrier. looks like she found herself into your place and your heart! hope the spay surgery went well! you have a wonderful heart alicia!

  8. What a great series! Can't wait to see the bond that owner and dog(s) have! Beautiful photos, Angie. Dogs definitely rescue us instead of the other way around.

  9. What a sweet, sweet story. Looking forward to more of these stories as part of your new series Jane!

  10. this is so sweet! i know i'm not ready to have a dog yet (or if i ever will be...) so i love living vicariously through other's adorable pooches! x

  11. What a lovely post, and great new series esp. to dog lovers:)

  12. This is an amazing idea for a series, I'm so excited for it!

  13. awww...this sounds so sweet. What a great series. I can't wait to be introduced to more people this way! =D


  14. Omgoshhh this is a nice serie Jane c:
    This is a great intro of people as well
    and their dog/pets ^_^ unfortunate I
    don't have any pets... Xx

  15. I just know I'm going to love every post in this series to pieces. Starting with this one. Thank you for such gems, all the time!!!

  16. Kramer is such a handsome dog and angie is a beautiful owner!
    Goodness, I think I'm going to love this feature :DD

  17. Kramer is a cutie patootie! What an awesome story!

  18. What a lovely idea for a feature. I'm sure this one is going to be very popular.

    Buckets & Spades

  19. This is a greaaaat series Jane! I love it! And that dog is so cute! You are full of the best ideas! -Jess L

  20. This is such a fun series! Kramer is an absolute cutie - I can't believe they found him abandoned on the street!

  21. He is one beautiful dog and very lucky too. I cant stand those who abandoned their pets. So heartbreaking.


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