February 20, 2014

from where i stand {in the middle of a hailstorm} by mei.

this from where i stand post comes from mei again from ice pandora.
she is a woman of many skills - from crafts, diys, cooking and baking, photography to even video editing - there is so much awesomeness to take in from her blog. 
// shoes: foam block slippers // 

from where i stand 
in the backyard, taking out the garbage when it suddenly started to hail! a glance to the ground and i thought i was standing on tapioca and sago... 


thanks, mei!

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this series is inspired by the instagram hashtag #fromwhereistand 


  1. LOL....love the slippers with the hail:D

  2. Gosh, not only do I love this series, but I also love the unique perspectives that are always posted! The hail looks like strange strings of fish eggs!

    Memoirs of a Pilgrim

  3. beautiful photo. we had one earlier this year. gosh it knocked out car windows and everything. hail can be a mess.

  4. Love Mei! She can rock orange slippers any time :)


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