February 7, 2014

have a beautiful weekend + links.

// piri sniffing our floral friday flower. why are you so cute, piri? please tell me. // 

hello. it's already the weekend. have you noticed that it's a little light at 6 pm? i know i hallucinated and thought this several weeks back, but i don't think i'm imagining it now. this is kind of a big deal for me. i can't wait for daylight savings!

anyway, what do you have planned for the weekend?

we're actually in new york until sunday night. some of you may recall that yangkyu's mother passed away this time last year. so we made the trip to visit where she lays rest with flowers and some of her favorite rice cakes. i heard it's tradition to bring food and even pour alcohol over the burial site {i think usually for men}. i'm not too familiar with it, but i think it's a wonderful gesture. it's meant for those who passed to enjoy food they liked when they were still alive. 

while we're in new york though, we're both hoping that piri will be alright. his vet visits haven't really determined what was causing his pains and his appetite fluctuates. we don't want to alarm ourselves, but it's quite frustrating and worrisome. if he isn't feeling better by next week, the vets suggested we sedate him so they can look further down his mouth, throat and ears. i shudder to think about that process as it's harder to sedate older dogs. 

sorry to sound so down and gloomy. hopefully these links will add some cheer back. thanks, and have a beautiful weekend. 

 // this coca cola commercial made me cry. and laugh. 

 // a dad's letter to his daughter. from the makeup aisle. 

 // 33 best instagram accounts to follow during the olympics. 

 // what is it like being a photographer at the olympics? 

 // olympics are great, but please take a moment to help save homeless dogs in sochi. 

 // oh my god. this cocker spaniel! 

 // just spotted the cutest whale

 // hurry spring. and soon i'll see cherry blossoms in this color, too. 

 // grammar is tricky. three common mistakes

 // i love you with all my heart... oh lord i'm crying again.


  1. Ohh your Olympic links have me excited now! Oh gosh and that last link to the prints... so sweet :) Have a good weekend Jane! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  3. I hope Piri's ok, have a lovely weekend Jane :)

  4. Gatsby and Kala have Piri in their thoughts. Hope he's alright, have a good weekend.

  5. i'm looking forward to the time change also. i like it when it's lighter out. so sorry to hear about piri. that's so difficult to do. you'll do what's best and GOD will give you strength. i heard about how Russia was killing stray dogs. that's horrible.

  6. aww that coco cola ad was sweet, who would of thought it! Also remind me not to add Olympic photographer to my list of goals in life, gosh that would be too cut throat competitive for me. I'm wishing you guys all the best too with Piri, I think it helps to think positively, as hard as that is sometimes - you have a lot of people sending you positive wished too :)

  7. I hope you guys share some moments in NY, that sounds like a nice tradition to go back up every year and share thing which she loved. Bless Piri, I hope we find out how he can get better.

    I've been watching some of the snowboarding, incredible stuff! That whale box is a riot. Coca-Cola, yeah I want that some day. Grammar is a tricky beast, but also good to check if you're not sure.

    Buckets & Spades

  8. Take care of Piri! I hope it isn't anything serious!

    Have a good weekend though, try to relax, dogs feel it right away if you don't feel fine!

  9. Oh I just that coca cola's ad, so sweet!

  10. That Coke ad is so cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. hope you have a lovely lovely weekend too!

  12. Continuing to pray that Piri gets well soon! I know you are not asking for advise, but pls don't be afraid to trust your gut! In the grand scheme of things, only you and your hubby know what's best for Piri! <3

  13. The Sochi dogs story is so sad! Wild dogs is a really problem... but that seems like such a harsh way of dealing with it from an American perspective.

    7% Solution

  14. That sounds like a sweet tradition. Also, hope Piri will be okay :)

  15. Hope you had a beautiful and peaceful weekend Jane :)

  16. All the best for you and Piri. I hope his symptoms are improving. The thought of sedating your love one can be scary. Hope all go well. That pic of him sniffing flowers is too adorable, just like a child.

  17. Big hugs and I hope that there isn't anything seriously wrong with Piri. Safe travels to New York and I'm thinking of you all

  18. Thinking positive for Piri!!!


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