February 10, 2014

playing with clay: doggy tag diy.

hi everyone! hope your weekend was a good one. today i wanted to share a little diy that was super fun to do. are you ready? 

i saw this post last week and it was definitely a diy i wanted to try. the only thing was that i didn't have a wood burner and i wasn't quiet ready to purchase one. then i remembered mei from ice pandora who creates magic with clay. i'm not exaggerating. she is a ball of amazing talent. not only does she share her final product, but she's so detailed and helpful with providing all sorts of tips and guides for beginners. i knew i wanted to try clay and thought, why not create doggy tags made of clay? {insert happy dance}
what i used: 
 + pliers
 + scissors
 + wall nail {used to make a hole}
 + small glass jar {used in place of a rolling pin}
 + small bottle of acrylic paint {used to flatten clay}

i used clay that hardens over night so there was no need to bake. just needed to wait a day before drawing and writing on them. 

first, i lay a piece of foil on my workspace and began to kneed, roll, and shape my clay into a tiny round ball. i then took a small bottle of acrylic paint and used the cap to flatten the round ball clay. i repeated this step until i got just the right size. i trimmed the edges with scissors for a smooth edge. 

i then took my wall nail and pierced a hole for where the jump ring will go. i made sure to put it near the edge since my jump rings were really tiny. i let all my formed pieces dry over night. i made circles, squares, little rectangles, triangles and hearts. 

the following day, i grabbed my sharpie markers and drew on them. it would've been nice to use paint but unfortunately i don't have a variety of colors and so i opted to use markers instead. 

after i was done drawing and writing away, i used two jump rings that i fastened on with my pliers, and attached the key ring. 

and there you have it. doggy tags made out of clay. i think these can also be key chains or you can even use them as necklace charms. 
so what did you think? hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed making them. 

have a good week ahead! 


  1. These tags are just toooooo cute, Jane:) They would be fab as keychains or charms. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aw these are so cute! Good idea making them out of clay.

  3. Yaaay! Welcome to the Fimo club :P haha
    These tags are really cute! Xx

  4. Jane these are ADORABLE! And I love the sweet Valentine's theme. :)

  5. This is a super cute DIY. I would love to make these as key chains with sweet notes for my family and friends!

  6. What a cute diy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. they are deadly adorable! brilliant idea & tutorial, bookmarking this definitely xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  8. They are so adorable and they seem so fun to make! I think I might try to make some also some day

  9. These are so cute!!


  10. These are ADORABLE! If only my cat would wear one.. He'd probably keep pouncing on himself, trying to get it off..

  11. They are so so cute and can be versatile as accessories. Seems like easy and fun to make too. Thank you for sharing :)

  12. Awwww, I want one for my little furry friend! What a great idea!
    xo TJ


  13. Awww I'm definitely going to make some for Toby!

  14. These are totally adorable and would also make fun keychains. Thanks for sharing Jane!

    It's still super cold in NYC but at least we only got an inch of snow this time.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. those are really cool Jane! i love the personalization of them.

  16. oh my goodness...these are so adorable. I love how customized they are and that you can change them up! I would totally make these for my (future) pet. =D


  17. Those look adorable for Piri! I love the dog paw one :)

  18. What a cute idea. I bet these could make a cute bracelet for Tutu!


  19. Hi Jane,

    The tags are really cute - also love your sweet dog.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  20. super cute! I love the one with all the little hearts over it :)

  21. Cute :3 That's a lot of dogtags for piri!

  22. These are super cute! Love the little hearts on them. Lucky Piri!

  23. These are so so so adorable, Jane! Love the little designs and colors you used. I'd love to make one for our family dog. :)

  24. so simple and very cute, Jane! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Um what? those are the flipping cutest dog tags ever. Hi, this is darlingbailey's mom, Sara. :) You and your blog are the cutest! Glad I found you and cutie puri.

    1. hello! nice to see you here! thanks for stopping by!


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