March 27, 2014

a fairy tale tag {yes, there is such a thing}.

last month, mei over at ice pandora tagged me for a cute get-to-know-me q & a called the fairy tale tag. i've seen quite a few tags out there but this one is in a league of its own. ha. oh, and i found old photos from when i used to have a tumblr page for my random photos. i thought i'd use them here. completely not related to fairy tales but hey, they'll just have to do. 
snow white -- do you consider yourself beautiful? 
everyone has the capability to be beautiful and beauty comes in many forms. i think {or at least hope} that i embrace traits that are considered beautiful. 

sleeping beauty -- how many hours do you sleep at night? 
8 hours. 

cinderella -- do you have a curfew? 
{chuckle} nope. 

rapunzel -- do you love being outside? 
i'm a homebody but i do love the outdoors as well. 
red riding hood -- do you trust strangers easily? 
the scary thing is, i used to. and the sad thing is, i don't anymore. 

the wolf and the seven young kids -- are you easy to be fooled? 

beauty and the beast -- what makes someone beautiful in your eyes? 
someone who tries their hardest. who is honest, genuine and realizes their faults and can admit to them. someone who knows how to connect with people in a real way and who does good, not for fame or spotlight, but because they know it's the right thing to do. 

the little mermaid -- what would you sacrifice for love? 
this is such a hard and silly question at the same time. thank goodness i didn't have to ever sacrifice anything for love. but having yangkyu in mind, i would sacrifice a lot for him. 
the frog king - what do you find disgusting? 
dishonesty and people taking short cuts or being conniving to get a leg up. 

jack and the beanstalk -- what plants do you have? 
unfortunately not many. i have one cactus that is dying and another one that is barely there. but another green plant is actually doing really well. i hope to have a greener thumb. we're trying our container garden idea {which failed miserably last year} again soon. crossing my fingers and everything else!

puss in boots -- do you have pets? if not, do you want them? 
yes! piri the cocker spaniel of course. 

bluebeard -- what is your weak point? 
saying no. i think i've gotten better but i know that i can be better at saying no and not having to always explain myself or feel bad. 
pinokkio -- what is your biggest wish? 
just happiness, health and well being of all my loved ones. 

peter pan -- what is your mental age? 
i actually took two quizzes on this and one said i was 19 while the other said i was 41. 

the star money -- what is your most valuable possession? 
in the past i used to say my family but i've come to realize that the people i love are not mine to own. now it's old family photos of when my parents were young, and other things that my mother recently gave me, like her old casserole dishes, her favorite rings and her mother's {my grandmother} old wooden spools. 

golden mary & pitch mary -- are you a hard worker or a lazy one? 
i tend to think that i'm a hard worker. i always believed in quality getting work done and going above and beyond -- not just doing what is asked or needed. 
the snow queen -- who is your best friend and what would you do for her/him? 
i have four very close girl friends who are like my sisters. i am there for them for their joys and their sadnesses. 

the princess and the pea -- are you sensitive? 
yes. sometimes it gets the better of me. other times i wish more people were sensitive.

godfather death -- what qualities make a good parent? 
a loving one. and i think there are many ways to show love. there isn't one path to be a good parent.
the worn-out dancing shoes -- do you like parties? 
i do but when they involve a handful of people i know. i don't like going to random parties with people who i don't know at all. the best kind of parties for me though involve someone's {or our} home and board games.

the emperor's new clothes -- do you care a lot about your clothing? 
yes. and i'm learning to have a wardrobe that is quality and not quantity. 

the brave little tailor -- do you consider yourself brave? 
no. but there are a few times when i've done things that even surprised myself. i've spoken up to playground bullies and called out people for being inconsiderate with their remarks. i don't do this often because i'm always afraid of hurting people's feelings or starting a confrontation, but sometimes i guess i can't help myself. 
i'm supposed to tag a few people, but i think i'll leave it up to anyone who wants to play along. let me know if you plan on doing a post and i'll be sure to check it out. thanks for reading! 


  1. this is too beautiful! I love it! the post and the photos are amazing ;)

  2. "red riding hood -- do you trust strangers easily?
    the scary thing is, i used to. and the sad thing is, i don't anymore."

    Jane! I'm with you 100% on this.

  3. This is too great! I love the pictures and the questions and answers :)

  4. Beautiful photography... I really enjoyed the selection... all very different but they go together somehow. Also I feel like i know you better now...

  5. I am TOTALLY doing this, it's such a unique tag! We have the same weak point...I am so horrible at saying no to anything, it's a real problem. Sometimes I make multiple plans for the same day because I didn't want to say no to anyone, and when I DO say no I feel like I owe a huge explanation. And I'm also with you about parties and about avoiding confrontation!

  6. this is so cool! I love fairy tales this is totally up my alley

  7. 8 hours!? Tell me your secret! Lol.

    My weak point is saying no too... No lie, I have a self-help book on my shelf that's titled "When I Say No I Feel Guilty" hahah. I haven't finished it yet but I've gotten a few tips to help me :)

    1. haha! for some reason i now sleep at 10 and get up at 6. in the past though i would only get 5-7 hours and it was bad.. my body can't function properly unless i get 8 hours! it's a lot easier now because i don't work, but even when i had a full-time job i was able to pull off 8 hours of sleep! :) and that book sounds so interesting. i'll have to check it out!

  8. What beautiful photography!
    We love fairy tales :)

  9. I'm absolutely loving this post! The photos are so fairy tale like and reading your responses makes me feel like I know you a bit better. You're beautiful!

  10. I love this and after just watching an episode of Once Upon a Time - perfect timing :)

  11. Love this very cute & getting to know u fairy tale tag! Enjoyed reading ur insightful answers & agreeing w/ them esp the the frog king answer :]

  12. This tag is so brilliant and cute. Such fun way to ask and answer. Along with beautiful photos that go with this post.

  13. Wow, just learned a lot more about you through this! I would love to get 8 hours of sleep, but my body is on a clock and just won't do it. I also don't trust people that much anymore either- well, strangers at least. I also am a homebody, but love being outdoors as well- though Scott is more of a homebody than I am. I actually have been staying home more because of school, but if it weren't for school, I'd be out and about! -Jess L

  14. Your pics really have a fairytale feeling, nice choice! Specially in love with the last one: cute colorful fishes! :) yay for board game parties! and also for those "I-must-say-something" moments when there is some injustice around.

  15. i enjoyed this. many of your responses are exactly what i would say. i'm not as trustworthy of people anymore either. i've been "burned" so many times by conniving and manipulative people. i use to be more giving, but have limited that as well. it's sad what the world has come to. loved this.


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