March 12, 2014

a girl and her dog: tammy + nina.

thank you everyone for welcoming "a girl and her dog" series with much love and enthusiasm. it made me get even more excited to be rolling these out each month. 

today i'm so happy to have tammy + nina from japan on the blog for our second feature.

i can't recall the exact moment when i found tammy's instagram account, but once i did i was mesmerized by her beautiful photos {they literally look like they belong in kinfolk magazine. so beautiful.}. her feed is a mix of wonderful table spreads, delightful aroma filled coffee and, of course, life with nina.

here is their story.
the girl: "tammy" {it's her pen name}
the dog: nina {pembroke welsh corgi}
favorite treat: nina often eats anything. her favorites though are yogurt and banana.
from: japan
find them: @ninawanco 

i think that meeting nina was a miracle for our family. i wanted a corgi as soon as we moved into our house. and we did. the moment we met nina, we became partners. living with a dog was refreshing and each day brought so much fun into our lives. i had been longing for this life.

my hobby is to take pictures of all different things, but ever since living with nina, she has become the subject. i wanted to document everything, every day. one time, during a gathering of corgis in an athletic meet, we came in first place. we also traveled to many places together. 

nina is a great partner. she's smart and she doesn't ask for a lot. we have a lot of fond memories together. between me and my husband, there is always nina. she is like no other and she gives us warm feelings and much happiness. 

nina turned 6 years old last year and she has a calm demeanor. when she laughs, cries and barks, we know the reasons why. we have grown so much together, and we look forward growing even closer in the years ahead.

thank you so much tammy + nina. 
you can see more of the life they share on instagram at @ninawanco.

photos via tammy. 

*i worked with tammy to get the best translation possible, but it may not be 100% perfect. i wanted to publish what she wrote in japanese as well so that her story can be expressed the way she had thought them. 

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  1. nina is the cutest corgi! i'm loving tammy's pictures too :) just look at that lovely tablespread...yummm!

  2. So cute... and yes, that spread looks delish!

  3. Aww that first pic is just too adorable. I don't think I have seen this breed before (how much a cat person would know about dogs right?).

  4. Nina is such a beautiful corgi:) I can see why Tammy loves taking her pics.

  5. How touching is this, I love this series and that first photo ah!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. this is adorable! and it was also great for me to practise my Japanese reading which is a bonus ;) x

  7. What an adorable pup. Her Instagram photos really are quite gorgeous!

  8. I love corgis! I saw a few of them while in Japan, I guess they must be popular (totally get it, they are a cutie!) It's one of my favorite dog breed along with cockers and cavalier king charles spaniel. Tammy and Nina sound like a perfect pair. This series is a very great idea, Jane! :)

  9. This is so so sweet. I love corgis, I want one as soon as I have my own place too!

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  10. so sweet, I love the leaf places on her head in the first pic too!!

  11. Nina is so beautiful! She looks like she has a very nice personality and sweet demeanor.

  12. That dog is so cute! I always wondered what breed it was. -Jess L


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