March 7, 2014

floral friday: made me smile.

// floral friday is a monthly photo project created by trishie at under lock and key // 

we're already into the third floral friday of the year! this month's theme is "made me smile." i love this theme. i went to go pick out flowers for the week and came across bunches of pretty of ranunculus. like many of you, they're one of my favorites. when i saw the sunny yellow bouquet, it totally made me smile. 

yellow is my favorite color. but it wasn't always. blue was. but when i reached my senior year of high school i suddenly started embracing my korean roots and i wanted to learn and know more about the culture, language and people of the country my family left when i was 7. so i did what made sense to a teenager me ... i began listening to kpop. i know. embarrassing. kinda hilarious, but mostly embarrassing. there was this one group that i really liked - you know the typical boy band, 5 guys who all kind of had different roles and looks. well, the one dude who i thought was cool, his color was yellow. {are you guys laughing yet?} and that's how that color kinda stuck. and i've liked it ever since. to be honest, when i was growing up, i read somewhere that the color yellow symbolized jealousy and that made me dislike the color. now it just reminds me of sunshine and i love it. 

is there a particular flower that made you smile?  

ps - if you thought this was funny, i must tell you the story of how i got my favorite number. perhaps another time. 

// Floral Friday is a monthly photography project with different themes each month. This series is about fun and taking time out to smell the flowers. To play along, please email Trishie (trishie [at] underlockandkeyblog [dot] com) for next month's theme.

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  1. Ugh I still need to submit my first Floral Friday for
    Anyway nice bouquet c: haha it's okay to have be
    a fangirl of a group/band :P My favorite color is blue
    and any color that is close to it (mint, teal etc.)
    I thought that green is the color of jealousy? Hmm..

  2. These ranunculus sure made me smile and happy too, plus ypur story was too cute. Yellow and orange are such happy colors to me. They symbolize energy and sunshine. I want these beauties.

  3. I love ranuculus! These colors are so pretty for spring & summer!

  4. Do you remember the Kpop name? I listen to Super Junior and Big Bang.

  5. love the colours of these flowers! haven't actually seen something like this before. your photography is great too

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. How hilarious! I want to see a picture of this kpop group now :-) I just love yellow - it's such a happy color!

  7. Ranunculus in yellow is like a bouquet of sunshine! The way they styled the kpop boy bands in the 90's looks pretty funny now. I was so amused at how their fandom was depicted in that drama Answer Me 1997.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. So beautiful! And seriously, kpop is nothing to be embarrassed by - I'm kind of a fan myself :) xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  9. haha! this post had me giggling. I did the same thing around 7th grade, but with j-pop! I also had a thing for Taylor Hanson back in 5th or 6th grade - so embarrassing! haha.

  10. haha! i love these flowers. sometimes i hate to admit how much i love pink. give me a bouquet that has pretty shades of pink--like coral and deep pink--and i'll be happy!

  11.'re too funny, Jane.

    Yellow is a fave of mine too. In feng shui, it's my lucky colour.

  12. Lovely! Just saw some ranunculus at Trader Joe's and immediately got some white ones. They're so delicate. I definitely love the idea of flora friday :)

  13. so so lovely... who wouldn't smile with a set of these?!

  14. Theyre beautiful! Reminds me sunshine; im so ready for Spring.

  15. I love that story!!! I have a similar 'embarrassing' story of a Chinese boy band in my early teens. I would sing along to their songs complete with their cheesy dance moves. Haha! Makes me laugh just thinking about it.
    Your flowers are absolutely sunshine! Definitely happy flowers

  16. Hi Jane,

    I loved reading your story and thanks for sharing.
    Your flowers are like sunshine, so bright and happy.
    Ranunculus are gorgeous flowers and I remember growing some years ago when we had a school competition for a home garden.
    Happy weekend

  17. love it too funny :) Such a pretty bunch of flowers too, I think yellow is definitely a happy smiley colour!

  18. I was laughing yes :]
    Do you still know what band it was?
    Have a great weekend!

  19. awwww this made ME smile as well! Have a happy weekend! <3

  20. those are absolutely gorgeous! i love the color. awww, i think kpop is FUN and i'm much older. hahaha to me it's happy music, dancing and clothes. i love peonies and tulips. they always make me smile.


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