April 11, 2014

tagged + have a fun weekend.

back in late february, marla, over at a weekend crossing, tagged me for a little post. i thought i'd spend this friday going through her questions and passing along questions of my own to some more bloggers to keep the tag going.

but first, do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend? we're hoping to head out to dc and view some pretty cherry blossoms. our favorite place to do that is the tidal basin. it's just so breathtaking beautiful there. hope you have a fun-filled weekend! 

**photos are again from an old tumblr site where i shared some of my random pictures. i posted some back here as well. 
questions from marla

01 // boots or flats? 

02 // what is your ideal location for your next vacation? 
japan. it's actually a place both yangkyu and i have been dreaming of visiting for a very long time. from the shrines to the deer petting zoo to all things gundam, it just brings out the nerd and adventurous sides of us. 

03 // what is your favorite way to spend a sunday? 
listening to our favorite shows on npr.  

04 // what is your favorite season and why? 
most definitely summer. i just remember summers to be so fun - pools, camping, bike riding. i just love being outside in slippers and shorts with my hair tied with a nice cool drink. 

05 // if you could only have chocolate or bread for the next five years (a whole remainder of a lifetime without one of these is just too horrible to even imagine), what would you choose? 
bread for sure. 
06 // what was your favorite childhood toy/doll/stuffed animal named? 
bennie. it was a steiff doll and it still has the "made in west germany" tag on it!

07 // what is your favorite disney song? 
this is actually a really tough question for me. ha! i love so many disney songs, but i guess my favorite has to be under the sea. i also sang it in elementary chorus and know the words to it to this day. once when yangkyu was falling asleep at the wheel i turned on the song and sang it really loudly. he was so amused that he was no longer sleepy! 

08 // what is your worst hotel experience ever? 
i actually don't think i have had a horrible hotel experience! should i consider myself lucky?

09 // if you could choose one junk food to eat endlessly and it wouldn't make you gain weight, what would you choose? 
cheetos. the flamin' hot one. 

10 // would you rather splurge on bags or shoes? 
ah. another tough one. i love both. but i guess in the end it would have to be bags. 

11 // what are your favorite girl and boy names? 
i love girl names that start with "el" {and my own middle name is elia}. so i love names like ella, elle, ellie and eleanor. but i've also been loving natalie and molly, too. i think those names are so sweet. as for boys, i've always loved the name tristan. and avery comes a close second.


not sure if this is your thing, but i'm passing on the q & a tag to the following ladies -- joany / SOJOO ; cindy / kidgranny ; kat / us on cloud 9 ; jane / projects by jane ; louise / 00:23 am ; mei / ice pandora ; fiona / burntfeather;  ; jessica / the jessica l blog ; sheriden / the indie byline ; juni / hej juni ; trishie / under lock and key

my questions are -- 
01 // if you could listen to any conversation between two famous people - alive or dead {or combination of either} - who would they be and why? 

02 // where were you born? 

03 // what does your name mean and is there a story behind it? {ie. how you were named, why you were given your name}

04 //  what was the most recent compliment you received?

05 // have you ever won an award? what was it for? {elementary school awards count, too. heh}

06 // what is typically in your bag? 

07 // what was the strangest thing you believed as a child? 

08 // what is a favorite local place you would recommend to your friends should they ever visit your town/city for the first time?

09 // what does your life so far say about you? 

10 // what is a really great advice you've received? {could be anything - beauty, life, surviving school, etc.}

11 // what was your first job ever? 

rules -- link back to the blogger that nominated you ; answer the 11 questions requested by the nominator ; choose 11 nominees with small followings (from as small as 200 or 2,000) ; you cannot nominate the person nominated you ; you must let the bloggers know they were nominated.


  1. These were super!! I enjoyed your answers...I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. I have Under The Sea now stuck in my brain!!!! :D
    I always like reading posts like this. Thanks for sharing, Jane, and have a fab weekend.

  3. Flaming hot Cheetos for the win! Happy weekend Jane!

  4. Yay for Cheetos. I used to love Doritos until got introduced to Cheetos.

  5. Aww I enjoy so much q&a's to learn more about my favorite bloggers. Bennie is a cutie! Oh and thanks for mentioning Under the sea, now is in my head and I like it! :) :) Love Disney songs as well. Oh! and Cheetos are also a junk guilty pleasure, specially pelotazos, not sure under what name are commercialized in the US. Wish you a great cherry blossom's weekend! I'll try to seize also the sun we are having right now.

  6. Ooh love reading personal tags abt u Jane :D Have to ditto w/ taking a trip to Japan, thanks goodness neither did I have a bad experience at a hotel (whew), & Eleanor is a really cute name! Going to see Cherry Blossoms over this wkend sounds lovely & I cannot wait to see pics of them from u~ We're also contemplating when to make a trip over to Brooklyn Botanical for their Cherry Blossoms! This wkend, my bf & I will be watching our 2nd Cirque du Soleil "Amaluna", super excited!! Have a very wonderful wkend~~

  7. Haha Under the Sea rocks! Hope you have a great time seeing those cherry blossoms this weekend :)

  8. Awesome responses. I'm a flat girl too! HaHa Very smart of you to choose bread. I think eating chocolate that long would make one sick. Have an amazing weekend!

  9. This was such a fun read! Totally chuckling at the story of how you sang Under The Sea loudly in the car :) Happy weekend and enjoy the blossoms!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. yay! thank you for tagging me :) i'll be sure to post the q&a soon!

  11. yes, count yourself lucky on the hotel experience thing!

    Happy weekend guys.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. I can relate to some of your answers :P I hope you have a wonderful weekend with even better cherry blossoms! :]

  13. this is so cute! I love this. =D
    Definitely fun getting to know you a bit more. =)


  14. I love this q&a. It's a bit random but really nice. Cheetos definitely are one of the best. Thanks for tagging me! And have a good weekend!!

  15. I really really like Avery as a boy name! This weekend I will be doing a website building with my boyfriend and seeing some friends for natters. Have a lovely weekend Jane!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  16. Yayay! I'm glad you did it :] I super want to go to Japan too, my dad lived there for three years when he was in the navy and my mom went to go visit him there and they loved it. That's SO COOL about your childhood toy being made in West Germany! Good choice for the Disney song...I love the Little Mermaid songs, my favorite Disney song is Part of Your World :] I am sooo with you on the hot cheetos and OMG I LOVE the name Tristan!

  17. What a fun tag. It's always great learning more about you!

  18. I'll be checking out the cherry blossoms this weekend too :D! My friend wants to do a photoshoot on Sunday, so maybe we'll see each other.

    & yes, you should consider yourself lucky for never having a bad experience at a hotel.

  19. I loved learning more about you! And NPR just rocks! Happy weekend friend! Nicole xo

  20. First time here and so nice to learn something about you straight away. :) Loved the answers - and I have a gold cocker spaniel, too, by the way. :)

  21. i loved reading this! and i hope you get to Japan soon, i just know you'd love it. Also you made me happy, because one of my best friends is called Ella and E and I have a girl's name picked out for our possible future daughter that begins with El ;) x

  22. I love seeing you do tags. (And your photography too!)

    7% Solution

  23. Cool thanks for tagging me - I always like reading other people's answers - quizzes are fun! Bennie is super cute, my mum used to collect steiff bears, so I know a little about their awesomenes. Summer is definitely my favourite season as well and you guys should definitely go to Japan!

  24. I enjoyed reading your responses. Japan is a great choice. I was watching this BBC Travel documentary called Hairy Bikers who visited Japan to try their food. I would go there trying out the special cuisine from every city. Hope you both get to visit Japan soon. :)

  25. Such a lovely insight. Thank you for sharing x

  26. Hi Jane...so much fun to read your responses! i really want to go to the deer park in Japan too. And thanks for the tag. I would love very much to play along..but it'll have to wait till I return from my holidays x

  27. Okay, I just saw this and I will play! It will probably be in the following weks or so, though! Thanks Jane! XOXOXO- Jess


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