May 12, 2014

hi! we're over here hanging out with one of our favorite families!

hello hello! 

just wanted to pop in again to say that we're super excited to be joining other bloggers in helping to celebrate the one-year blogging anniversary of the cat, you and us! some of you may be already familiar with them, but i just have to say, damaris, dani and juno are one of our favorite families in the blogging community and we're so happy to be sharing a few words and photos on their "home with with you" series.

hope you'll hop on over here and take a look! 

thank you!


  1. Thanks Jane, Yangkyu and Piri! I could say a million times (& more) how lovely and sweet your family and home are. We feel lucky & honored to count you as our blog pals :)

    1. thank you again for having us! happy 1 year of blogging!

  2. Great photo and what a cute blog - love the photos of your home! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  3. Will definitely pop over and read!


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