May 22, 2014

now playing: songs for a summery spring day.

i thought we could use some tunes for a summery-like spring day. plus yangkyu is working from home today, which means i get to bother him by putting these songs on repeat. he loves it when i do that. .. .. {i'm being sarcastic. thought i'd note it just in case it didn't come across clearly through the computer/phone screens}.

01 // hey, boy! hey, girl! - louis prima & keely smith 
02 // french navy - camera obscura 
03 // on top of the world - imagine dragons 
04 // i want you back {itunes session} - colbie caillat 
05 // all i want is you {live} - tristan prettyman 
06 // shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy - kim keyes
07 // blister in the sun - nouvelle vague 
08 // i'll take you there - the staple singers 


  1. I need to start playing these songs to make the sun come out!

  2. perfect timing! love this

  3. Hello!? Imagine Dragons is one of my most favorite bands in the whole world! ;) -Jess L

  4. This was a great list! I was listening to this yesterday :] Thanks for sharing

  5. these songs are so cool. thanks for sharing.

  6. Added to my spotify! Love your song selections Jane, your previous happy mix is cheering me up at work :)


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