July 29, 2014

a girl and her dog: cherring + tiara.

hello. you didn't think i'd pass by july without featuring "a girl and her dog" did you? 

today i'm delighted to have cherring and tiara from singapore with us here on the blog. i have been following this duo for a while on instagram, but for the past few months i have been enjoying cherring share some her amazing yoga practices and seeing tiara support her human. well as it turns out, tiara has been supporting her human unconditionally since the day they met. 

here is their story. it's a beautiful one. 
the girl: cherring 
the dog: tiara, she is a siberian husky. 
cherring's favorite snack: japanese rice crackers 
tiara's favorite snack: boiled egg yolk 
from: sunny singapore
find them on instagram: @mscherr

approximately 11 years ago, tiara came into my life when she was just 7 months of age. before i had her, something indescribable happened in my family. it was life changing and i never felt so shitty in my entire life. puberty made it worse i guess. i spent most of adolescent days to myself locked in my room. 

i remembered the first day she got dropped off from the pet delivery van. she was so curious with the nose, sprinty at the paws. she was sooo happpyyyyy! we played a lot together that day. so when that day ended, i went back to my room and i thought to myself for a good while and cried. i remembered crying a big deal. it was the first time since a long while that i left my room happy. 

so... that was how she became my happy pill, my furry crocodile, my lady luck, my angel. she was there before i got my first boyfriend, she kept my feet warm and cozy when i studied like crazy to get into the university i wanted, and i did. she is always around. 

today she is old, battling many health problems, but i vow to make sure that my furry angel is in the pink of health, living comfortably and happy. i will forever be in debt to this four-legged dame because: always remember cherr, she is the reason why you come out to breathe the fresh air. 
thank you so much cherring + tiara. 
you can see more of the life their share on instagram @mscherr

photos via cherring. 

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  1. What a beautiful story indeed, it made my heart melt ha,
    so great to hear Tiara helped her open up more and I
    really really hope Tiara can stay as long as possible by
    her side! Xx

    1. i hope so too :) they are a lovely duo

  2. Such a sweet story indeed. Thank you for sharing Cherring and Tiara's story. Here's to many more years for T:)

    1. yes! many many more years for the two of them :)

  3. cherring and tiara are so cute. what gorgeous pictures. it's hard when a dog grows older. i went through the same thing. they share a big portion of your life. GOD bless both of them.

    1. it is hard when the dog gets older. i feel that way with piri too. he gets tired more easily but i love that he still loves life and knows how to wag that tail of his as hard as he can when he is happy :)

  4. I love this post! Tiara & Cherring make a great team.

  5. What a cute doggy, love this story!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Oh my butterfly, what a sweetheart. I love hearing stories where animals come along to save the day. <3 Cherring's Instagram is full of such adorable memories!

  7. What a wonderful story and how powerful are the relationships we have with our pets! Thanks for passing this along friend! Nicole xo

    1. we do have such powerful relationships with pets don't we. :)

  8. oh my gosh, so heartwarming and sweet, getting a bit misty eyed over here (just quietly!)

  9. Such a cute dog, love how it curls all up to lay down, precious, what a marvellous story :) xx


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