September 10, 2014

From Where I Stand {on Broadway & Park Place} by Rowena.

This "From Where I Stand" post comes from Rowena who blogs over at Rolala Loves
I always enjoy her perspective on beauty, wellness, fashion and her features on pictorials of Asian celebrities and entertainment news. She's a smart lady with a great sense of style. I'm sure most of you already know her, but if you don't, hop on over to say hello!

From where I stand on Broadway & Park Place in New York City.

I walk past this spot every week to/from physical therapy and seeing this plaque always makes me smile as it takes me back to that cool November night when the Yankees won the world series in 2009 and the awesome parade that I watched along these streets the very next day.


Thanks, Rowena!

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This series is inspired by the instagram hashtag #fromwhereistand 


  1. Thanks so much for having me Jane and for the kind words! Love this series!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I love this series - so fun to see everyone's perspective :)

  3. I love this series of yours jane. Such a lovely way to see x

  4. I love Rowena! She's an exceptional photographer, beauty reviewer and showcases the prettiest Asian editorials. She's a blessing to the world of blogging.

  5. aw what a memory. I love this reference. Rowena definitely has a unique and wonderful perspective. =)

  6. Love her and I love this series!!! Happy day you!! Nicole xo

  7. Oh man, I still love this series. I never heard of her blog, so I definitely go check that out now. Thanks!

  8. Hello Rowena! Nice to see you here too


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