November 13, 2014

Dear pumpkin cream cheese bread,

Why do you look so good on Pinterest but look completely different when you come out of my oven? 

Is it the way I whisk? The way I crack the egg? Or perhaps the way I scoop the cream cheese. 

You gave me a scare when I took you out after the given time you were supposed to bake and you were still kind of all jiggly happy. 

Happy is good. Not the jiggly. 

Jiggly. Jiggly. 

OK. Stop with the jiggly. 

So you went in for about 30 more minutes. 

Then you weren't so jiggly anymore. 

You came out with a nice round top and a golden crust. 


I thought I finally mastered how to bake pumpkin cream cheese bread. 

I left you to cool off. 

Then I came back and you totally changed on me. 

Your round top was all flat and sunk in. 

You look so depressed. 

That made me sad. 

And I felt a little deflated, too.

But I took a bite and you didn't taste that bad. 

And so I gave you to my husband to taste. 

He gave you a thumbs up. 

But he usually gives anything I make a thumbs up. 

Even that time when I burnt the toast or when I made a really salty soup base or the half cooked soo jae bi. 

Eh, but really, you weren't that bad. 

Except for the lack of the cream cheese taste. 

What happened to the cream cheese? 

Bullied by the pumpkin, I'm sure. 


You weren't so bad but I'm not sure if I will ever have the heart to bake you again. 


The disheartened newbie baker who will most likely bake the pumpkin cream cheese bread again next fall only to be greeted by a happy jiggly thing that will fall flat once cooled. 


  1. Looove the writing in this awesome looking pumpkin
    cream cheese bread! Baking is one of the hardest
    thing in the kitchen, and speaking from my own
    experiences the causes for the sinking: overwhipping,
    cream, taken out the oven and cool down too quickly....
    But all it matters are the taste right? Which I believe is
    good c: Xx

  2. HA! You gave me a chuckle with this one friend! I think it looks amazing! As do your photographs Jane! Happy day to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. OMG so so cute about Yangkyu always giving you a thumbs up hehehe. And whatever you say, the bread doesn't look depressed at all to me!

  4. You should definitely attempt it again. My husband is good like Yangkyu in that way too :)

  5. Aww haha well it looks good and appetising to me!

  6. HAHAHA Jane! That has happened to me in the kitchen also. One puts so much time and effort into it. It can be frustrating. Keep at it girl!

  7. Baking is so tough because it depends on so many variables like temperature and humidity of the kitchen, temperature of the oven, and how long you mix ingredients. I certainly don't have any advice because I only bake easy things like cookies and cakes. Hope your 2nd time with pumpkin bread because it looks really good. Not sunken in at all!

  8. I think everything looks better on Pinterest than it does in real life. At least with me, haha! I'm the worst when I try to recreate hairstyles I see. But these photos of the bread looks pretty good to me!

  9. ahhh very guilty of turning delicious looking internet things into not very delicious looking things :P he he he

  10. LOVE what you did with this post. And hey, I think it looks marvelous!! Have a wonderful weekend, Jane :)

  11. Hahaha, I lol'ed at this, especially the " He gave you a thumbs up. But he usually gives anything I make a thumbs up." - It really looks pretty good to me though, I'd love some pumpkin cream cheese bread! ;)

  12. My food never looks the way it's supposed to in the pictures. But this cream cheese bread looks delicious

  13. Hahaha! This made my night! I feel the same way every time I bake/cook, and that's probably why I rarely do so *sigh* But your bread looks so good from the pictures though!

  14. Pumpkin and cream cheese, oh my what a wonderful and comforting combo. It does look good. I just made a pumpkin bread last week too.

  15. Pinterst fails are the bane of my existence. Your bread looks good to me, though!

  16. Hahahaha, I get your feeling :) we specially suffer the same when trying to bake, start talking about why the texture should be or not like this and become paranoid with our oven thinking why the times in ours are never the same as the one in the recipe (or maybe they are but we are awful bakers....;P)


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