November 7, 2014

Have a wonderful weekend + links.

I knitted these neck warmers up a while ago and had meant to send them to a couple of girlfriends, but this along with other to-do's got thrown in the back burner. I finally got around to weaving the ends in, making little robot tags, packaging them and mailing them on Thursday. I hope they like them. I thought about knitting up about 20 more of these and maybe selling them for around $25. I thought part of the proceeds could go toward helping a local shelter here. I'm not sure though. Sometimes I sit on an idea for too long and then it becomes a distant dream. 

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We have a blood pressure re-check for Piri and afterwards we're hoping to go to a nature center and snap a few photos. We're also having a little doggy sleepover at our place! One of Piri's pals, Mini the Westie, is staying over while her humans are out of town and so we may just pop our own popcorn, start a fire in our fireplace and snuggle up with our four legged friends and watch Oz the Great and Powerful that we currently have out on Netflix. 

I haven't done weekend links in a zillion years, but a few of blog friends have some really great projects happening that I wanted to share, among other things. Hope you'll stay and take a look. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

 //  Sign up to become an Enchantemissary! Carly & Silkworm have such a magical blog. I always have an enchanting time over there. 

 // Join the #puttogetherproject started by one of my favorite people in the blogging world, Mariko at Gamerwife. 

 // Some lovely native blooms

 // Already lovin Time after Time. We're gonna get the LP version

 // November is adopt a senior pet month

 // In case you need more nudging -- 10 reasons to adopt an older dog. 

 // A cuuute bag

 // Hotel for pantone lovers. 

 // Seriously. Hearts all over this one


  1. Those are really lovely :) I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. I am constantly blown away by your knitting!! Man those are awesome!! I am always looking for great links....thanks for sharing these!! Have a great weekend friend! Nicole xo

  3. yay for getting the neck warmers to your friends! What a lovely and personal gift! I love that you added tags! =)
    And that pantone hotel...pretty rad!! What a fun place!

  4. You should totally sell your knits! I think it's a great idea :)

  5. I bet those neck warmers are gonna make your friends real happy! That Pantone hotel looks so cool!

  6. Those are some cute neck warmers; lovely colors too.

  7. Thanks for the mention, lovely. And I love your idea of selling the neck warmers. They look super comfy and warm!

  8. You're so talented!! I actually thought these were doggie sweaters!!

  9. Thank you for the links dear! Have a super w/e!

    Oh and those robots! (wink, wink, spin, spin)

  10. Oh these are great!! You should make them and love the little tags too.!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  11. a doggie sleepover sounds perfect, and with a fire and some popcorn :) thats great you are selling your knitting creations for charity. they are so cute!

  12. Happy Weekend! I love that pantone hotel but I think they should of painted each room completely in the colour! lol perhaps too excessive! Have fun with your new doggie pal!

  13. I spotted the Pantone hotel earlier in the week, loooooove to stay there. Enjoy your weekend.

    Buckets & Spades

  14. You should definitely sell those neck warmers, they look super cosy:-)

  15. I always love reading your links! The Pantone hotel sounds right up my alley. Way too fun!

  16. Those are cute! Jane, you should open your own little Etsy shop.

  17. The neckwarmers are really adorable and look so cozy too - I'm sure you could set up shop


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