December 31, 2014

5 most read posts of the year.

Happy New Year's Eve! 

It's cold where we are and so we have extra layers on and blankets to keep warm. I'm envious of the dogs, especially Murray, who has a thick coat and seems to enjoy the outdoors more than being indoors, especially when the heat is turned up {my goodness, he just asked to be let out back again}. 

On this last day of blogging in 2014 I thought to look back at the most read posts {minus the giveaways} of the year. And just because I was curious, I looked at the all time popular post since the beginning of time for Always With Yoo. Scroll down to see if you're interested!

And the most popular blog post of the year is..... 

It turns out a lot of folks are interested in how to hack IKEA things because Our Rainy Weekend Project: The IKEA Malm Dresser Hack post is currently the most popular of all time.

It's great being part of this online community and I look forward to contributing more in 2015. Have a wonderful night tonight as you ring in the new year. See you in 2015!


  1. I remember a lot of these posts from the last year.. you have such a good way of telling stories and connecting with your readers. Hope you have a happy new year with your family Jane! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. I love your writing style and also your lovely pictures. Looking forward in following you into 2015! Happy new year and stay warm!

  3. I can see why How Did You Know S/He Was The One is sweet:)
    Anyhoo, just wanna greet all of you a Happy New Year, Jane.

  4. Happy new year!! Can't wait to see what 2015 brings :)

  5. Happy New Year!! And kudos to your staying on top of analytics!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. If I had to pick one blog that has stood for me this would be yours. Whenever I am here, i feel nourished in my heart and as though I have found a real honest, kind and light-filled soul. The interesting thing is - I don't think you know how special you are. Thank you for blogging. Happy New Year and all the best of happy times, love, light, health and adventure for 2015!!

  7. We all love a good hack :). Happy New Year, guys!

  8. It's been a complete pleasure following you! I adore your writing style and ability to connect with your readers. It's a true talent.
    Thanks for these wonderful posts and even for the one you asked me to contribute towards. I loved the series you ran and am so thrilled it reached one of your top 5!
    Have a wonderful start to 2015!

  9. loved how did you know s(he) was the one! very interesting stories. you guys stay warm and put a fan on murray. hahaha happy new year jane.

  10. Happy New Year Buddy! May all your dreams come true in 2015!!! Nicole xoxox

  11. I'm definitely doing the reverse and taking layers off here in Australia, sitting under a fan :) This is a fun idea to see what captured people, might have to go have a peek at my own blog's stats! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  12. Ugh, I've finally found your new blog and name! And
    I like it c: HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR dear Jane!


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