December 29, 2014

Favorite moments of the year {pt. 2}

Thanks for reminiscing back on the year with me. I wanted to share some more moments from July to December. Some of these seem like it happened just yesterday. I can't believe we'll be ringing in the new year in just a couple of days. 

Most years I like to hold on to Christmas for a bit longer. This way, I feel like I'm stalling on starting the new year. But this year I packed away Christmas the very next day. Christmas seemed a little drawn out for me this year and I was pretty ready to get over it {even though it's my favorite holiday}. 

I usually get a little sad in January {end of festivities and lights and decorations and the cold dreary days sometimes gets me down}, but I think I'm pretty anxious to start new. To get ready, I've already rearranged some of our living space and will do a little purging as well. I'm taking notes and planning some things out. And I can't wait to start learning new things like sewing and embroidery and add new things to Piri's Place {I was thinking of making doggy bandanas for guests and also a little summary card for the humans}. I have also been thinking about how to make some changes to this blog -- mostly cosmetic. I'm thinking about coming up with a new name, too. But we'll see.. 

I hope you are winding the year down just the way you want to and getting ready to start 2015. Here's to exciting beginnings. 

Our favorite moments, from July to December: 

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  1. You three are the cutest, loved these :)))) xx

  2. A lovely recap, Jane:)
    Happy New Year to all of you, and here's to a wonderful 2015.

  3. The start of a new year is always exciting! I'm looking forward to it also. I did a lot of cleaning and throwing out already. Just have a little more. It's exciting to start a new adventure.

  4. Wonderful photos and memories to remember :)

  5. So many gorgeous photos :)
    Looks like you have had a magical year.

  6. Lovely, lovely photos as always! Here's to a new year Jane!

  7. Oh...I love that one of you laughing up there friend! It is such a stunning shot of you! And I am with you about Christmas this year....I am ready to pack it all up as well. I'm ready for a fresh start too.....not sure what that feeling is but sometimes it is just a movement that we can't explain! And that wreath of little trees...did you make those????? Gosh that is just too cool! I am pinning that for inspiration if you don't is to all great things in 2015 buddy! Nicole xoxo

  8. And this is for sure one of the favorite posts of the year (-: with the beautiful moments in life it s easier to deal with the other ones, they make us stronger and more aware of the beauty of life with all its ups and downs. Happy New Year! xx

  9. Awwwies! Love your recap! :) I was talking yesterday with Dani about how lucky we are that we are able to keep Christmas going on until the 6th of January (we have the Three Kings tradition) but then I relate about the bitter sweet feeling of the beginning of the year. Wish you a great New Year's eve tomorrow!

  10. A beautiful look back on things! Wishing you good times this New Year xx

  11. great retrospective of your half year. It's amazing how quickly it passed isn't it? I feel like I just got through summer!
    I get slightly sad during this transition time from Christmas to the new year because it feels so quick. While everyone is so happy and ready to ring in the new year, I an longing to hold on what we just celebrated and took several months preparing for! =)

  12. yay for fresh starts - love all your upcoming ideas - doggie bandanas! I want to be a dog guest :P Here is to 2015 and all the magical things it shall bring :)

  13. I am also excited for January...I am more excited for this new year than I usually am. And your photos are stunning as always :]

  14. Lovely photos! & btw, love the new blog design! I wish we lived closer to you so that Louie could visit Piri's Place! I think the bandana & summary card idea is fantastic!!


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