December 6, 2014

Holiday gift ideas for dogs.

Before our Dogvacay guest came by today, Yangkyu and I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon doing final shopping for decorations and also presents. Our last stop was to a local pet store and we picked out a few things for Piri but also realized that a lot of the options {such as treats} are no longer options since his kidney disease diagnosis. 

I came home and did some digging online and found so many cute and interesting things that I thought to do a little gift guide for folks who also have dogs in their lives. Some items may be a little too late to order in time for Christmas, but perhaps it can be bookmarked for future birthdays and other celebrations. 

Doing this was so fun that I also plan to do a couple more - probably one for dog lovers and another for yarn lovers as well. Hope you'll look out for them in the next couple of days. 

Happy holidays to our furry friends! 

01 // Wool upcycled dog sweater - Pupcycle Canada
03 // Personalized dog dish - Sunshine Ceramics
04 // Grinz ball - Rogz
05 // Chewbacca dog hoodie - Petco
06 // Sampler dog treats - Harry Barker
07 // Custom dog disc - Pride Bites
08 // Speckle and spot dog bowl - Domestic Beast
09 // Dog peek - Houzz
10 // Wilmot dog grey jumper - Love My Dog
11 // Fold up dog bowls and pouch - Harry Barker
12 // Pet umbrella - Amazon
13 // Three eye alien dog toy - Olive Green Dog

I actually purchased the personalized dog dish from Sunshine Ceramics {#3} today and while the shipping was a bit high {shipped from Canada} and it probably won't make its way over until after Christmas, it's one of the more satisfying purchases I've made. You think Piri will like it? I hope so! 


  1. Oh, goodness! That Chewbacca dog hoodie is perfection!

  2. those dog bowls with the bones are the absolute cutest.

  3. Oh my gosh that grin ball is hilarious and I love love the chewbacca hoddie and doggie umbrella!

  4. I have that grin ball, it's awesome, but trying to take a good picture is a whole lot harder!

  5. So many fun things! I love that first sweater!
    And that umbrella too! haha

  6. too bad I got to buy gifts for cats only :)

  7. these are adorable! i don't even have a dog and would snap these up ;) x

  8. Oh I love all of these! Definitely getting something for Sasha from here :)

  9. That dog peek is the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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