December 18, 2014

Year-end countdown: A Girl and Her Dog posts of the year.

Today we're looking back on one of my favorite things I did this year on the blog, which is the A Girl and her Dog interviews with folks I met on Instagram. It started in February and I missed the months of November and December, but the features that came in-between were all memorable and sweet in every way.

While we said good-bye to Miles and Tiara who graced us with their presence here, I have witnessed for the second time around how love endures and carries on in the hearts of the humans, Karen and Cherring, who loved them the best. 

Thank you Angie + Kramer, Tammy +Nina, Cornelia + Frieda, Märta + Ninja, Karen + Miles, Cherring + Tiara, Rick + Oscar + Tiki, Cindy + Louie and Michelle + Winston, for letting us take a peek into the life and special bond you share.

Here they are once again. 

February - Angie +Kramer , Illinois

March - Tammy + Nina , Japan

April - Cornelia + Frieda , Berlin, Germany

May - Märta + Ninja , Stockholm, Sweden

June - Karen + Miles , New York, NY

July - Cherring + Tiara , Singapore

August - Rick, Oscar + Tiki , Lower East Side, NY, NY
(Our special guest for this month)

September - Cindy + Louie , Los Angeles, CA

October - Michelle + Winston , Melbourne, Australia

I would like to continue the series on next year and sprinkle in some special features that include women who have other animals, besides dogs, in their lives. I hope you'll look out for them in the new year. 

Thank you for reading along!


  1. A lot of sweetness, but fourth, it took my Thursday heart (-: And made me smile <3

  2. I think this is just fantastic that you do these posts! I always enjoy them Jane! I hope you have a lovely weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

  3. I love the fourth photo! Lovely dogs and owners :)

  4. All such cute pups.. Ninja and Winston are my fave!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. aww. so sweet. I love this series.

  6. love this series! so glad i got to be a part of it. xx

  7. I love this series mainly because I love dogs!! Thank you for sharing!

  8. all of these dogs are SO cute! I see corgis a lot in Tokyo!

  9. Aw these are so cute, and such a creative project! Haha since you are planning on extending this project to other animals, as an avid bird-enthusiast, I hope to see some birds! ;) hehe

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  10. This was the sweetest series and glad to hear you're continuing, hope to see maybe a few cats too :) :) he he

  11. I'm glad you re-capped these because I missed some. Very nice series.

  12. SO OBSESSED this is literally my favorite series ever and I pretty much always cried with them. So excited for more stories next year :]

  13. Oh! This series were so lovely! Very glad to read that they will keep coming this next year, and with a twist! :)


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