December 26, 2014

Year-end giving.

Giving plays a big part in our lives. We started doing this together since our wedding day where in lieu of wedding favors we donated to the World Wildlife Fund and the National Arbor Foundation.

Last year I started to share our annual giving efforts here on the blog. Yangkyu and I try to find 10 organizations or efforts and donate whatever we can. And because year-end fundraising appeals is a favorite of mine, I like to help get the word out by reminding folks that it's not too late to donate to the causes and organizations near and dear to your heart. 

We got the last of our donations in a couple of weeks ago and seeing all the incredible work these organizations do, some which are all volunteer driven, makes me wish that we can have a day to recognize the do-gooders in our community. It really takes a special person to do this kind of work. And we can all help amplify their work by giving what we can. 

Here are the organizations and efforts we donated to this year: 

01 // Help Save Daisy - Cocker Spaniel rescue effort in Korea
02 // Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue - Cupcake's emergency medical care
04 // Support Fanny {medical needs}
07 // WAMU 88.5 FM {our local affiliate NPR station}
08 // ASPCA

Our 2013 Year-End Giving list 


  1. A beautiful and worthwhile effort, together we can.

  2. You guys are amazing c: Helping others gives a
    good feeling right and not only by just donating
    money but volunteering is needed or even
    important than the money Xx

  3. aw, that's so lovely of you!

    from helen at

  4. So awesome! There is a video going around from Team Hope who organise a shoe box of gifts for kids who I'm guessing (by their sweetest/amazing reactions) would normally be with out. It's so beautiful to watch that I'm definitely going to get involved next year! It makes me sad to see just how privileged we our but it's also nice to realise there are people out there doing beautiful things and taking steps to bridge some very large gaps.

  5. I love the spirit of giving.Very inspiring idea.

  6. You and Yangkyu are such giving people! Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing these organizations that you have helped!

  7. I love this post so much! My husband and I donate food/blankets to the pug rescue for the state we live in..I love helping those sweeties so much.

  8. So beautiful. Thank you for the suggestions!

  9. This is so awesome Jane! I believe in giving and helping others also. Loved this.

  10. So great reminder, guys! I specially find important to me to collaborate with medical and food related donations.

  11. Thank you again so much for donating to help Daisy! I got the best update a couple days ago-- she finally got adopted! She had to go through a lot of heartworm treatments and then surgery to remove mammary tumors, but she's finally healthy and in a good home! ( You can see her in the first post! She looks so happy!)


    Alicia and Louise :)


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