January 20, 2015


During the summer months I settled on a hair and facial routine going back to using natural ingredients like jojoba oil and things found in the home - olive oil, sugar, lemon and apple cider vinegar {see here and here}. 

But during these harsh winter months I needed something that really moisturized my skin and brought my hair back to life. 

And speaking of hair, can I rant about mine for a bit?

I wavered back and forth for a while about whether or not I should open up about my insecurities with my hair. My story isn't attractive, but more embarrassing.

You see, I'm plagued with early grays and thinning hair around the top of my head. It started in my mid-twenties. First I saw a grey hair or two and I started to pluck them. Then more sprouted - a little town was born. Then a community. Then an entire country.

At first I thought it was the stress of my job coupled with not sleeping and eating well. But I was in my twenties. You know, the decade when you think you are invincible. Nothing I do {or don't do} shouldn't have a toll on my body and hair, right? Maybe. Or maybe not. Perhaps it is also genetic. I have faint memories of my mom, around my age now, at the salon getting her hair dyed and telling the stylist how lucky she was that her early grays were all in areas not visible to the eye. Perhaps I have her early gray gene, but I unfortunately didn't get her early grays in the areas not visible gene. 

I was able to get away with all my grays until my wedding. I had to dye. It was the first time {aside from my skater fashion days of bleached hair and using manic panic to create streaks, which I thought were so cool} dying my hair and asked my hair colorist to match it to my original hair color as close as possible. I don't know why it felt so devastating for me to color to cover my grays. I think it was because I had once used to receive a lot of compliments about my hair. I had a shade of natural brown that people complimented me on and my hair was just overall healthy. But by my thirties not only was i battling early grays but also thinning of my hair on top. I freaked. I looked up online and read about thinning hair in women and I dreaded going bald. I cut my bangs from the way back to cover the little visible thinness but soon the thinning got worse and the bang technique wasn't really working. I read somewhere that apple cider vinegar miraculously grew hair back but after trying it for three months I didn't see much of an improvement. 

I used to dye my hair once a month at my salon, but after I quit my job, spending $100 on a dye job just wasn't worth it. I had better uses for $100. Instead I bought a home dye and Yangkyu covered my roots for me every month or two. It was fine. Until I noticed that my hair was just looked poor and battered. Plus the dye was probably not helping my scalp and my thinning situation either. This hair situation of mine was just spiraling out of control. 

Right now I am trying to embrace my early grays. I still feel that it's too early for me and it's hard to embrace it most days. I'm not sure how I feel about the thinning hair. Perhaps I'm feeling indifferent or maybe defeated. What I do know is that my hair and scalp overall just needed some major tender loving care. 

I looked into Lush. I went on their website and read their product descriptions and watched their videos. I settled on their Rehab shampoo and Retread conditioner combo. 

I don't mean to sound like those exaggerated false commericals, but really, after the first use, I noticed how much more softer and shiner my hair felt and looked. If there is such thing as magic, Rehab and Retread comes pretty close. I'm definitely sticking by these guys. And I'm already eyeing some other stuff from Lush as well for the future. 

As for my skin, I stopped using jojoba oil and instead bought Aesop Camilla Nut Facial Hydrating Cream. You only need just a little bit but that little bit does a whole lot of bit. It doesn't feel greasy and makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. I received some samples of their Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser which I'm anxious to try. If I like it I probably will purchase a bottle of that as well.

I don't have it pictured here, but for my body I went back to using body butter from The Body Shop. I also resort to using this just for the summer months, but I like The Body Shop's body butter very much and so why not use it year round? My favorite scents are peach and grape fruit.

What are your go to lifesavers?

PS - For the hands.


  1. I love Lush but have never tried this shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for sharing, Jane. And yeah...not only do I suffer from early grays (since high school), I also have super dry scalp...sigh....

  2. And yes on Roberto Alomar! Here...my sis and I were at the victory parade when they won the first of the back-to-back World Series!

  3. It's greta that these Lush products are making a difference with your hair. I actually switched from shampoo to a cleansing conditioner awhile back and it has made my hair so much more manageable and soft. My go to lifesavers are currently organic coconut and cerave.

  4. I should try these! I've been looking for a good face moisturizer that works but is in my budget. I also want to try using coconut oil as a body moisturizer especially for the winter.

  5. Very brave of you to open up about this. I can only imagine the struggle...I feel it must be so hard for a woman to come to terms with such hair problems. I know how much I love mine, whether people get to see it in it's full glory or it's just me at home with it i feel like i have a special love for it you know? So this struggle i can only imagine must be be very hard..I am glad you've found some sweet smelling coping resources :)!


  7. I love Lush products, but I have only used their facial products. Maybe I'll try the shampoo and conditioner you mentioned. I have naturally thin hair too, so your story hit home. Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. we all face insecurities about ourselves. So bravo to you for sharing yours with us, your readers.

    I have only tried a handful of Lush products but have also loved the ones I tried. I'm so glad to hear what you tried works for you!



  9. I am glad that Lush is working nicely for you! And Brava for speaking out and sharing your insecurities-- we all have them!

  10. So good to find products that actually work :) I have mega hair insecurities, I'm totes going grey which doesn't really bother me too much, but I've always had thin hair and my hair goes greasy so easily. I'm super self conscious about it because it makes me feel like a mess, even though I'm washing my hair everyday or every second day. To others they probably don't even notice. It's funny how things can get to us, it probably doesn't help but your hair always comes across as lovely and hopefully a simple change in routine can help break down some insecurities :) I might go google to see if lush have any magic grease savers :P

  11. Am glad Lush is working for you, never tried their stuff except a bath bomb before. We all have these insecurities, I have grey hair sprouting everywhere, I just joke that I'm turning into Storm from the X-Men, haha :))) Xxx

  12. I've been looking into things to help with my hair, I reckon I'll try something from Lush now that you've mentioned it!

  13. I have a couple of grays as well. I joke that they are albino hairs :)

  14. The more Aesop items I try, the more I like! I share this like of feeling "clean and hydrated" with you. I don't like it when my skin feels clogged or like I have not washed it properly.

    I am going to add Lush to my list!

    I wouldn't worry about grey hairs Jane. You will look beautiful with or without them because that is just the sort of person you are.

  15. I've never tried Lush's shampoos or conditioners before, so that is definitely good to know! I'm currently trying out WEN's Fig and it's working well with my hair type. I greyed early. It was hereditary. Can you imagine relaxers and grey? I had a really bad hair accident and my hair is still recovering from it. I'm on a quest! If what I'm using works I will definitely share it on my blog.

  16. I don't think I've found a "lifesaver" yet, hmmm maybe one! Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie? Yes please! Lol so happy you're embracing your greys. I think you can pull it off lady :)

  17. I just haven't been able to embrace my grays yet! I got my first one at 26! Booooooo! I will be 30 this year and I think that its way to early for all these grays! haha

    I'm def going to look into these.... I need all the help I can get for my skin and hair!

  18. We wouldn't be human if we didn't have our insecurities. I don't know if I even have enough paper to list all of mine. Thank goodness for LUSH!

  19. Don't worry, you aren't alone in insecurities! And I admire your honesty here...I'm not sure I'd be able to open up about what I struggle with because I'm a chicken hah. But I can't believe you're insecure about your hair as I've literally always loved it! Especially your bangs, they're so cute/make me want to cut mine even though my curly hair just doesn't do bangs haha. And I def should try those lush products...I've been needing to start taking better care of my hair.


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