January 13, 2015

Making : Entryway Hanging Rack

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I would share some pictures from a project we finally finished over the weekend. Here it is!

A while back I had wanted to rearrange the living room. That resulted in moving our chalkboard wall and painting over the original space we had dedicated to doodling. After finding out that the paint leftover by the previous owners didn't include the interior wall color, we decided to go for a statement wall. I screwed up royally and ended up choosing a shade of blue that I hated the moment the lady at Home Depot started mixing it for us. 

We then decided to give the wall a facelift by hanging all our white frames from our previous gallery wall at our rental. We also decided to add white shelves, too. 

We made out way to Home Depot - picked up some white L-shaped mounts and a long piece of wood we cut in two even pieces and went to work on our shelves. The entire wall came alive and was loved again

That was a pretty long intro to the making of this simple entryway hanging rack. 

The point is, the piece of wood we used for this project was leftover from the wood we had used for our shelves. We wondered what we can possibly do with it and it hit me -- we need something where I can hang my keys and other things that end up randomly on our staircase, floor or dining table. And so it was decided. A hanging rack for the entryway it is! 

If you'd like to have a go in making one of your own, here is what you'll need: 
 + Wood (our piece was cut - or leftover - at 27.5 inches long from Home Depot)
 + Wood stain (we used Minway Dark Walnut)
 + Paint brush 
 + Newspapers
 + Hemp rope
 + Screw eye hooks (2 pack)
 + Decorative hooks (our board fit 5 and we used these)
 + Drill and drill bits (we have the DeWalt drill kit)
 + 1 Nail 
 + Pencil

1 // Lay your piece of wood on top of some newspaper. Make sure you use enough newspaper so your wood stain (or paint if you decide to use paint) doesn't seep through. I used two coats of the Minway Dark Walnut wood stain. I let it dry overnight. 

2 // For the screw eye hooks -- measure three inches in from the end. Take your drill and drill bits and make a hole at each end. Screw in your eye hooks securely. 

3 // Take your decorative hooks and space them evenly across the board. We eyeballed this process and didn't really measure. Use your drill and screw in the hooks. 

4 // Take your hemp rope and measure how long you want your rack to hang. We used about 50 inches of the hemp rope, folded in half to make it a bit thicker and stronger, and weaved it through the screw eye hooks. Tie the ends securely. 

5 // Find a spot on the wall you want to hang your newly created piece. Grab a pencil and mark that spot. Get your nail and hammer it in! Hang your entryway hanging rack. 

And you're done! 


  1. I love racks of hooks like that - you never know how useful they are until you put one up and start hanging everything off it!

    1. oh yes totally! it's already all filled with things!

  2. looks great! clean and simple :) have a great week!

  3. This is a great idea for leftover wood.

  4. This is very useful and it's great that you managed to use the leftover wood from the shelves you built.

  5. How brilliant is this! Fantastic idea. I love a good bit of DIY.

  6. That's always awesome to have! You can hang things as soon as you get in the door.

    1. yes... like my keys! i used to just throw it on my staircase! x(

  7. This is so so pretty! I need one too haha.

  8. Nicely done! I love the wood... it looks like reclaimed wood which I am obsessed with. Our dining room and kitchen nook tables are made of reclaimed wood and they are my favorite pieces in our house. That quilted vest is so cute!

    1. oh your dining room and kitchen nook sounds dreamy!

  9. What a wonderful project! and what a cute dog!!!!!!

  10. Great and neat idea! Glad I found your blog, such a sweet and calming space to look through :) Hope you're having a good week.

  11. Love that this project came from using up some spare wood and the stain is sooo pretty!

  12. Love it! Functional, simple, and beautiful!

  13. this is gorgeous - the simplicity and the rustic feel is just what i like. great job! x

  14. this turned out great! Love the DIY!

  15. Love the hemp rope! It's great that you were able to use the leftover wood and that you're adding unique touches to your home with the handmade projects.


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