February 10, 2015

Letters to Piri // 05

Dear Piri, 

 // I came across an entry I wrote about you in an old social networking site I used to use. It was the first ever post I wrote when you came to live with me. I wrote how my world was turned upside down because you would ask to go out at odd hours and how you became the center of my life. You also had really bad separation anxiety and bark any time I left the apartment. I wrote how it was going to be hard. I was so young and immature then and it was my first time taking care of a dog as a grown person. How did I do, Piri? Did I do ok? 

 // There was also a video of you where you couldn't find the tennis ball we hid. Sorry we teased you like that. We thought you would use your nose to trek the scent of the ball. I bet you were thinking, "these idiot humans." 

 // When I think about how we keep getting older I always look back and wonder if I did things right. I don't have regrets, just second guessing whether I made right choices. Do you feel that way too? 

 // Congrats Piri! It was the best news to receive when our Vet told us that your kidney levels have improved! I know you're still in Stage 3 but knowing that you are in a slightly better position than before makes us so incredibly happy. Thanks for being so resilient and tenacious. 

 // We're going to do this gardening thing right this year. I want to plant so many things. I'll include carrots, too, since I know you like them so much. Apples? I don't think I can grow an apple tree in our backyard... sorry dude. 

 // What is the first thing you want to do if you win the lottery? Powerball is $400 million right now. I know! Leapin Lizards! 

 // I know your favorite time of day is when Yangkyu comes homes from work, but my favorite time of day is when we get to share an apple together. Let's always just keep that as "our" thing, ok? 

 // You and the DogVacay guests are always caucusing around the entryway area. What are you guys doing there? Gossiping about the humans in your lives? Oh, I bet. 

 // What did they say? I can keep a secret. I promise! 

 // Piri, I'm sorry that you'll be staying by yourself for a few days in a little while. If I could I would build a Piri Jet and fly us around anywhere, anytime, but that is a way distant dream yet to be fulfilled. In the meantime, I know you'll do well. Extra kisses for you for those days, ok? 


The human girl who randomly comes over and hugs and kisses you and who also cries at the littlest things on TV and then comes over to you again and hugs and kisses you and gets tear drops all over your head. You know, me. Jane. 


  1. Dear Jane.

    Your posts to Piri really move me. I feel privileged to be able to read them and follow your story. Thank you so much for sharing these with us xx

  2. I love how you write letters to Piri. It's so sweet. & yay! such great news that his kidney levels have improved!! ::throws confetti:: :)

  3. Beautiful letters! So glad to hear he is getting better. Thanks for sharing!

    Katrina Sophia

  4. Lovely sweet letters :3 And you can totally grow an apple tree
    in your yard o: There are big but also small trees so c:

  5. So beautiful Jane!!! I am so excited to see that garden and to see this little guy enjoying every part of it!!! And how fantastic to hear that his levels are better!!!! Wishing you a great week buddy! Nicole xo

  6. this is so sweet :))))

  7. I love your letters to Piri - always! I was looking into fruit trees that you can grow in pots and apparently you can grow some varieties of apples. So good to hear Piri is doing better, so awesome you trusted your gut and got advice from another Vet - that just show's your the best Mumma bear for Piri!

  8. aww this is so precious. Piri is lucky to be with someone like you for sure :)

  9. these are always so sweet jane! does piri like certain kind of apples? or does he like them all (red, green etc)? i'm glad he's doing better and you guys have a great time on your trip.

    1. He loves fuji and gala apples the best! :D

  10. so heartwarming. I love your letters to Piri. They are so special and full of love. I also love that you want to keep the apple as "your thing." =)

  11. If you win powerball the first thing you buy should be a Piri jet heheh. And he's just so photogenic! Those shots of him stretching are adorable.

  12. Your letters to Piri always put me in such a good mood, they are both funny and so heartwarming! :) I'm glad he's doing better! And also, you should make the Piri Jet a Kickstarter ;) I also think the same when leaving Juno behind and makes me think about stories of Paris Hilton that brings her dogs with her on the plane, my head remembers silly things when I'm missing Juno ;)


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