February 5, 2015

Stars Fell on Alabama + a little bit of nostalgia

Just before going to sleep last night, Yangkyu and I poked around Youtube and came across this cover of Stars Fell on Alabama. 

You know, I've been reminiscing a lot lately about the days when we were younger. The days when that boy who I had a crush on {and who I now call my husband} made me nervous, shy and happy. I have always said this over and over again but I love my thirties and wish I can be in my thirties forever. My twenties was a bit uncertain, all over the place and unstable. I was on a path in life I thought I wanted but looking back I'm glad I chose a different course. But I realized a few days ago that the twenties did have something really good -- a youthful and innocent kind of crush on a boy and all the mushy, jelly feelings that come with that. 

Sometimes I look over at Yangkyu and wonder how we were able to finally find each other and get married. I tell him that being with him makes me feel like I won the jackpot. He always gets so happy when I say that.

As I was getting all very nostalgic about the days past, I logged onto a social networking platform I used called Cyworld. There I found all my old writings, photos and videos of us - when we were dating, when Piri first came to live with us when we got engaged and married. It reminded me of so many things I had forgotten about. I also realized how much we changed, grew and matured since.

Back then, my pictures weren't great - I was taking pictures and videos with my point and shoot camera - but there was certainly a genuine feel to everything. It is so different with what I have here now. I don't know what to make of it - am I trying too hard and jumping on the bandwagon of making things pretty, white, clean and minimal, or am I just in that stage in life where this blogging style suits me more? 

I don't know. But, maybe it doesn't really matter that much. Maybe all that matters is that I still find joy in writing and taking photos and sharing with people who want to read along. Maybe a decade from now I'll find myself re-reading these entries and think how immature I was and realize how much more I've grown. That would be a nice place to be 10 years from now. 


  1. I love looking back at photos and I think you're right in ten years you'll look back at these photos now and they'll bring back happy nostalgia :) So cute you guys both won the lottery!

  2. What a sweet cover song, I really smiled at the whistle because Dani who was hanging with me in the living room immediately started whistling along ;) he loves to whistle so he only needs a little trigger. I am sure your memories are as beautiful and genuine as before they only represent a Jane & Yangkyu 10 days after :)

    1. 10 years, sorry for the mistake ;) Big hug!

    2. I love that whistling part! I wish I can whistle like that :)


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