February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend

While Loki was staying with us, I caught her and Piri having a moment. Aren't they cute? It looks like they are kissing with their noses. 

I have been pretty much free of seeing lots of pinks and reds and roses and hearts since I haven't been out much, but I have to ask! Do you have anything special planned for Valentine's Day?

Whatever it may be, I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loves, whether that is your special someone, your friends, your family or your pets. 

Yangkyu and I aren't too big on Valentine's Day and never really celebrated it in a fancy way. I think it's always been an evening with Piri with some take out and a movie. Unfortunately though this year we will be away from Piri and spending a short few days traveling {which wasn't planned to coincide with Valentine's Day}. We'll miss him terribly. It's always so hard for us to travel without him and I am always always so nervous about boarding him, especially now with his age and the extra care he needs. But we trust the folks over at the cage free boarding facility we always go to for overnight needs and pray that if there are small playful puppies staying as well that they are thoughtful and give our little old man some space to sleep and rest {heh}.

I'm bringing back the links for this Friday. Hope you enjoy them! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy weekend! 

 // This had me laughing like a nut. Conan and Steven Yuen visit a Korean spa

 // And President Obama is pretty funny too! YOLO man. 

 // A collection of recipes that celebrate love. And chocolate. 

 // Hachiko reunites with his owner forever. 

 // 40 idioms from around the world that can't be translated literally. 

 // Shop here and help support Habitat for Humanity Singapore too. 

 // I'm going to incorporate this into my morning routine

 // Bake this beautiful cheesecake for your love.

 // Sounds like an amazing place I would love to go one day. 

 // Flashback Friday for our blog: our wedding


  1. Oh my gosh! That Korean spa vid with Conan....I die!
    Happy Vday anyhoo. We're not big on celebrating it either.

  2. happy weekend to you too xoxo

  3. Awww I'm sure Piri will be fine and dreaming of his sweet valentine Loki :-) Hope you have a good trip!

  4. I love starting my morning with hot water and lemon too! I'm hoping Piri will have fun spending time with other pups while you travel too. Happy weekend!

  5. That pic of those two is so sweet! Enjoy your time away and try not to miss Piri too much.
    We saw the Conan bit the other night and it was totally hilarious! Let me know how the lemon water works out for you.

  6. Oh my, thank you for including my cheesecake :D
    Loki and Piri's nose touch is sweet Xx

  7. Hope you guys have a good weekend travelling!

  8. Happy weekend and safe travels! I bet it will be tough without Piri but it won't be too long!
    We are not big Valentine's Day celebrators either. I think it's so very sweet when I see people do meaningful gestures but it's not something I NEED. Although, the husband does do a good job in making sure I receive flowers, which I always think is nice. =) But, we have no plans and are just going to be casual. =)

  9. Yes they are adorable, our cats do that sometimes, and that cage free place sounds awesome, I worked at a place that kept boarders in cages, that place freaked me out, I even got bit!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  10. thats such a cute picture! I hope your family has a happy valentines day!

  11. Always enjoy a link round up, you guys are in mind this weekend actually. we didn't do anything, in fact i only saw hollie for about an hour. we had planned to go away for the day/night but we had to cancel as hollie wasn't well. we're not big on Vday anyway, so we'll go next weekend.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. Happy Valentines Day!! I was shooting a wedding so I didn't get a chance to be romantic myself although it was nice to be around a lot of romance - I'm definitely a sucker for it :) Nice to see your wedding photos - very cute and I love that Hachiko sculpture, such a sweet story for sure :)

  13. Hope your travels are going smoothly! Valentine's Day at our house is pretty low key. We had family over for dinner and the girls and I made heart shaped sugar cookeis. :) That Conan video is hilarious!

  14. Happy Valentine's weekend! Hope you're having a blast at Punta Cana! :) I love the image of Piri and Loki kissing.

  15. Did you have a good Valenrines day?

    H+I are rubbish with this day. I dont think we have ever celebrated it - funny no? This year, we spent the day going back and forth to the recycling bins. We are just about to move home after being in the same place for about 10 years. It's amazing how much useless junk people can acquire and hideaway in this time. It is a bit embarrassing! hahahaha

  16. I'm sure you will miss Piri but thankfully it's just for a few days and you'll be reunited :) I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

  17. What a beautiful moment you captured! They are so sweet! Hope you're having an awesome time on your trip.


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