March 23, 2015

A weekend inside our own little bubble.

We pulled and yanked and removed a bush.

Then measured, tilled and cultivated a plot of land to grow things.

We cut, hammered, built then screwed up and cut, hammered and built again our new compost bin stand.

We washed, sliced, diced our fruits and veggies for this brand new week.

It was to Home Depot, to our local garden center then back to Home Depot again.

It was lots of dreaming and getting excited for what is to come.

We spent a weekend in our own little protective bubble keeping busy by doing and making a lot of things. It was therapeutic and fruitful and just what we needed.

This week I am planning to paint our entryway and also give a couple of doors a pop of color. Then mid-week we have doggy guests coming to stay and that'll take us to mid-April. Oh, I am also hoping to finish a book I have been holding on to since last summer. I finally see the end!

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