March 31, 2015

All Good Things Come In Small Packets

I learned about these seeds from Nicole over at My Garden Diaries and after reading up about them on their website and Facebook I decided to order a few for our garden. They arrived a few days ago and I can't wait until our soil is fully prepared and we're ready to sow. I also went to our local garden center and picked up a few more seeds - some poppies, garden balsams, marigolds and more herbs. A couple of Asian vegetables will round out our first garden attempt.

My husband thinks I'm being a little overly ambitious and wanted me to start out small but I got so excited and said "don't rain on my parade!" But now that I have all the packets in front of I think I am a little way in over my head. But that's ok. All should be swell, right? 

 // Seeds are from All Good Things Organic Seeds

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