March 25, 2015

Blogger Profile: Damaris of The Cat, you and us


Welcome to a new series kicking off on The Winding Ridge Lane called "Blogger Profile." 

Are you familiar with Humans of New York? I love reading about the people featured there and the incredible stories they tell. There are no limitations or boundaries in what they share - it's all about their life -  the one where it's full of trials and tribulations, beautiful, fragile, hopeful and humorous. But for me it's not just a place where I read about other people's lives. It's about their honesty that gets me to relate to them, learn a different perspective, practice the art of understanding and empathy and really hear and try to feel what they are saying, all the while recalling similar aspects in my own life to make me feel a bit more closer with the storyteller.

I wanted to re-create something similar featuring bloggers. And so I reached out a few folks and asked if they would like to share snippets of the life, their random thoughts, whimsical dreams, closeted fears, and the profiles I have received so far truly encompass what I have been trying to curate -- a diverse collection of stories and thoughts told in random format - some without prompts, some with -- of some of the most curious and unique people I know and admire.

I hope you enjoy this series and that you are able to take away from it in a thousand different ways. In the end, it's really what you make of the stories and how are you able to relate it back to you.

This is Damaris and she is kicking this off for us.

I like to believe that I'm a good observer of situations and people at first sight; I've always been the quiet one, the (nerdy) girl in the corner of the class, on her own, trying to figure out what everything around meant. But with time, I now see this as a virtue, I've actively chosen to not follow the flow, to be quiet and observant; I've never needed to be part of a big group and do the same things everyone is going. I like to stand on my own, do the things I feel good doing and have (few) people around me who I love and are kind and lovely hearts.

Barcelona, Spain
The Cat, you and us 

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